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What Jacque Is Saying:

"No matter what role you're in at Gallup, you're doing incredibly meaningful work. We're touching almost every country in the world, and it makes us on the cutting edge of everything in the world that matters most."

What Jacque Is Saying:

Q: What's your role at Gallup?

A: Part of my role is a strengths coach, so I help people build on their innate capabilities and live out life to their full potential. I typically work with individuals at the leadership level in their organizations, whether they're running a small business or leading a Fortune 500 company. Some of the clients I coach only one time, while I work with other clients for many years, and we get to talk every month. I love those calls because I get to see the impact of our work together and how it shapes their leadership, their organizations and their lives.

Q: What's your mission at Gallup?

A: To create a better world by helping people to identify and leverage their unique talents in their roles. As a coach, I believe everybody has the potential to grow into the best version of themselves. I also have a strong mission to raise the professional credibility of our strengths coaches and ensuring we're the best coaches in the world. I spend a lot of time one-on-one with our coaches, giving feedback on their coaching sessions and being there for general guidance and support. I also lead education for our coaches ranging from beginning, foundational pieces of coaching to more advanced levels that sharpen their coaching craft.

Q: How do you contribute to Gallup's mission?

A: Simply put, every day I get to apply our analytics to help people build their strongest life possible. I help people think about who they are, what makes them thrive and how they become who they want to be with full self-awareness. I'm changing people, and at the end of the day, that changes the world.

Q: What has kept you at Gallup throughout your career?

A: Our mission to change the world! We do such meaningful work that you don't get to do anywhere else. We work with government, education, healthcare organizations, faith-based organizations and some of the most important companies in the world to help them grow their cultures and develop their people. Through our surveys and analytics, we really get to know what the world is thinking and where the world is going. No matter what role you're in at Gallup, you're doing incredibly meaningful work. We're touching almost every country in the world, and it makes us on the cutting edge of everything.

Q: What's been one of your most meaningful projects at Gallup?

A: One of the most memorable projects was helping to select contractors who would be working with the U.S. Army stationed in war zones. I spent months traveling back and forth to these countries, living and working with the troops and other contractors in an attempt to learn why some people thrive and others just kind of survive in these stressful situations. Through interviews with people who both fit the role really well and who didn't fit well, we were able to identify certain talents and characteristics that differentiated the two. From there, we created a tool to select the kind of people with the right talents for these roles. It was really rewarding work. We build selection interviews for all sorts of roles, including managers, executive leaders, lawyers, physicians and even characters at a theme park!

Q: How would you describe our culture at Gallup?

A: We're very performance-driven and very results-oriented. We measure what matters, and we always know where we stand in terms of our performance. Because we hire people who are highly responsible and who have a lot of integrity, we trust them to make a lot of decisions on their own. There's not a lot of management oversight, but at the same time, we have access to everybody in the organization. It doesn't feel like there are people "above" you, it feels like we're all in partnership on this great journey forward. That's another thing I love about our culture: It's relationship-oriented. It's all very empowering.

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