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Maximizer | Individualization | Achiever | Futuristic | LearnerPortfolio Director, U.S. Enterprise
What Areen Is Saying:

"I love working at Gallup because I truly get the opportunity to do what I do best every day. I get to help leading organizations achieve their goals while working with some of the most talented and caring partners who challenge me to always be the best version of myself."

What Areen Is Saying:

Q: What do you do at Gallup?

A: I wear multiple hats in my portfolio director role -- leading projects and relationships with some of our largest clients while serving on our Enterprise leadership team, which sets the strategic direction for Gallup's Enterprise business.

In my work with clients, I consult with companies on developing and executing transformational programs and designing operating strategies to help the organizations improve their employee and customer experiences to drive sustainable, organic growth and higher performance.

As a leader, I'm responsible for overseeing and instigating forward-looking local management across the U.S. Enterprise client portfolio. I focus on proactively mitigating client- and portfolio-related risk, resolving client-related problems, and scaling best practices for retention, growth and impact. I'm a "player and coach" who leads in managing and expanding top Gallup accounts while serving as a liaison to our Gallup account teams to provide creative and innovative strategies that meet complex account objectives.

Q: What do you help your clients achieve?

A: I work on a variety of high-profile projects, primarily in the financial services and professional services industry.

One of my most successful projects is helping a client disrupt traditional performance management practices by enabling leaders to empower their employees to have a personalized experience at work. We use a model focused on achieving higher performance through strengths-based, engagement-focused conversations that improve performance rather than just managing or rewarding it.

Another key project of mine is helping a financial institution build a culture of coaching through a human-centered approach to deepen customer relationships in a digital world. This journey involves developing coaching as an operating discipline to grow high-quality customer conversations at scale.

Q: How is what you're doing at Gallup helping us fulfill our mission?

A: The work I do improves the quality of people's lives by improving the quality of their jobs. My work helps people understand their unique talents so they can play to their strengths and achieve greater performance individually and collectively as a team, creates inclusive and engaging cultures where diverse talents can thrive, and helps leaders meet the emotional needs of employees and customers through effective coaching. These workplace experiences all help leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems, such as improving retention of key talent, improving employee and team productivity, and deepening customer relationships.

Q: What's been one of your favorite projects at Gallup?

A: One of my favorite projects at Gallup has been helping an organization create a more inclusive workplace culture. I've worked with our team to conduct ongoing DEI analyses that include insights and action ideas to help my client make progress and achieve their DEI goals. What gets measured gets managed, so this ongoing deep dive serves as a barometer that helps keep my client honest, transparent and focused on making progress on this important priority. Also, we've helped the client understand how to leverage individual strengths to help create a safe workspace for their team and a sense of belonging.

Q: What are you most excited about in terms of upcoming projects?

A: I'm most excited about leading our new partnership with a nonprofit organization and being part of their inspirational movement to increase prosperity for all, build a culture of shared ownership, and increase quality jobs and lives. We are their official partner on identifying and delivering improved and sustainable employee engagement within their affiliated companies.

Q: What makes Gallup's consulting work unique?

A: What's truly unique is that the foundation of our consulting is based on over 85 years of experience and groundbreaking research on everything important facing humankind. Gallup knows more about the attitudes and behaviors of employees, customers, students and citizens than any other organization in the world. Our consultants use this knowledge to help organizations solve their most pressing problems. I'm so proud of Gallup's credibility and trust and the impact we've had on organizations and individuals across the world.

Q: What are some of your favorite things about your team?

A: I am part of a variety of teams and love working with each of them! I love how my teams are always bringing their A+ game to every client interaction, every work product, every presentation and every challenge they face. We are always intentional about playing to our strengths and bringing in other partners to complement our strengths when needed. We do a great job recognizing and appreciating one another, no matter how small or big the achievement or contribution is. We have a shared success mentality where we work with our clients and partners to achieve more together. We work hard but also play hard and have lots of fun!

Q: What's been one of your career highlights at Gallup?

A: My biggest career highlight was being selected to travel to our Singapore office for a two-month expat opportunity to help onboard a team of new consultants and enhance the client experience for some of our financial service clients. Even though I went there to help other consultants learn and grow, I ended up learning a lot both professionally and personally!

Q: As a woman, what's it like being a leader at Gallup?

A: Being a woman leader at Gallup is special. I've been given opportunities that play to my strengths, which have allowed me to advance quickly throughout my career at Gallup. I always have a seat at the table where my opinions matter and where I feel valued and deeply cared about. Gallup's strengths-based culture really helps take gender out of the equation to level the playing field. It provides a common language for communicating who I am and understanding how other team members show up and where they are coming from based on their strengths.

Q: How do your CliftonStrengths® show up in life?

A: I lead with Maximizer, so I'm always thinking about ways to take anything I'm working on from good to great. This strength paired with my Achiever strength allows me to make the most of my time. I like staying productive and not wasting any time. I also lead with Individualization, so I enjoy interacting with individuals on a personal level, and I can quickly pick up on people's rare qualities and intentionally position them to attain higher levels of excellence, which helps me make individuals, teams and groups better! One of my top and favorite strengths is Futuristic. I'm a forward-looking person, and I envision what is possible in the coming months, years and even decades. This helps me always have a vision for what I'm doing and clarity on where I want to take my life. I enjoy working on projects that help shape the future. Futuristic paired with my Learner strength helps me learn about things that prepare me well for the future. While I love my Futuristic strength, it certainly keeps me up at night!

Q: What's it like to work at Gallup?

A: Gallup is a special place to work because you develop deep, trusting friendships. We have a big, valuable brand but have less than 1,500 employees, so relationships matter greatly. You always have people rooting for your success, providing career advice and helping you navigate challenging situations. From your first day in consulting, you get the opportunity to work with clients. You even get exposure to the C-suite at client organizations early on in your career. There's never a dull moment with plenty of opportunities to get outside your comfort zone and try new things. Gallup has a very entrepreneurial culture where you are encouraged to shape your career path and build your career board of advisers to support you. I love working at Gallup because I truly get the opportunity to do what I do best every day. I get to help leading organizations achieve their goals while working with some of the most talented and caring partners who challenge me to always be the best version of myself.

Q: What do you do when you're not at Gallup?

A: I'm spending quality time with my husband, playing with our little puppy, working out on our Tonal, going out to eat at amazing Chicago restaurants with our family and friends, and traveling somewhere new every year! I'm always trying to balance my time with my family, spirituality, work, exercise and friends.

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