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2015 Strengths Meta-Analysis Report

This study -- based on a study of more than 1 million individuals and almost 50,000 business units -- demonstrates the powerful connections between employee strengths development and business performance.

Gallup's 2015 strengths meta-analysis examines the relationship between strengths-based development and business performance outcomes.

Download this report to learn how:

  • Gallup's CliftonStrengths assessment helps organizations increase performance on key performance outcomes.
  • Organizations that invest in strengths-based development achieve as much as a 29% increase in profit.
  • Building a strengths-based workplace can help organizations increase customer engagement by up to 7% and employee engagement by up to 15%.
  • The relationship between strengths-based development and performance is significant -- and highly generalizable across organizations.
  • Strengths-based development consistently affects key performance outcomes, regardless of the organization's industry or country.
  • Investing in a strengths-based workplace using the CliftonStrengths assessment can help your organization improve performance.
The cover of the 2015 Strengths Meta-Analysis Report

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