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The CliftonStrengths for Sales Report

What you need to build a more effective sales strategy is already within you. Learn how to apply your natural talents directly to your sales role and succeed using the CliftonStrengths for Sales report.

Create a Better Strategy for Selling

You won't find your best sales process by copying some stale "proven framework" or grow your sales skills by mirroring the top salesperson at your organization. That won't do the trick -- at least, not for long.

You need something that's proven to work, starting with your strengths:

11% higher volume and 6% higher closing percentage
on average for salespeople who receive strengths coaching
10% to 19% increase in sales
for organizations practicing strengths-based development
6x as likely to say they get to do what they do best
for employees who use their strengths at work

No organization can succeed without customers -- and you are the most critical component for attracting and retaining those customers. There's no doubt your role is important, which is why we created the CliftonStrengths for Sales report to help you learn and then use your strengths to perform better within that role.

Who's the CliftonStrengths for Sales Report for?

Individual salespeople:Whether you are in B2B or B2C sales, this report will define your innate talents and equip you with actionable ways to use them in your role.
Sales managers:If you are evaluated based on your team's performance, this report will serve as a great tool for improving your bottom line.
HR leaders: Start by helping your employees understand what they're good at. Equip your sales teams and managers with the knowledge of their strengths.

Use this report to uncover your talents, learn how to use them and watch your approach to selling change for the better.

What's Inside the CliftonStrengths for Sales Report?

The content in this report will give you effective sales strategies, new ways to approach the everyday tasks of your role and actionable ways to put your strengths to work. It includes:

  1. 1 your top 10 CliftonStrengths themes
  2. 2 instructions for using this report, today and in the future
  3. 3 how your strengths contribute to your success
  4. 4 how your strengths could get in the way of your success
  5. 5 action items that you can implement immediately
  6. 6 a practical outline for achieving your goals

Strengths at Work: Here's How These Salespeople Use Their Report

"I love the action items in this report. In my sales role, time is money, and this helps me save time!"David, Account Executive

"I am always looking for a way to get better, more effective, more efficient. What I value most about this report is how practical it is for me to put to work. I can easily see how my strengths make me a great salesperson and lead to my biggest successes."Jasmine, Commercial Real Estate Sales

"This report has helped me understand so much about myself as a salesperson. The insight to know why I struggle with certain aspects of my job has helped me understand how I can manage my strengths better to do more of what I enjoy the most -- interacting with customers!"Susan, Business Development

Use Your Strengths to Excel in Your Sales Role With These Resources

CliftonStrengths for Sales
  • Role-based report with sales-specific strengths insights
  • Reveals your top 10 CliftonStrengths themes
Greatest Value
CliftonStrengths for Sales + CliftonStrengths 34
  • Role-based report with sales-specific strengths insights
  • Reveals your full CliftonStrengths 34 profile
  • Personalized insights about what you do best
  • Strategies to manage potential weaknesses

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Equip Your Sales Team With the Tools to Succeed

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