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Elevate Your Campus Experience With CliftonStrengths®

Integrate CliftonStrengths into your educational approach to boost connection, engagement and wellbeing for everyone on campus.

Create a community where everyone knows what they do best.

CliftonStrengths is more than just a one-time assessment that your incoming freshmen take -- it’s a means to help schools invest in their students, boost outcomes and fulfill their mission.

Schools are using strengths to:

create thriving faculty and staff

create thriving faculty and staff

grow campus engagement

grow campus engagement

foster student wellbeing

foster student wellbeing

retain students

retain students

prepare students for their careers

prepare students for their careers

increase graduation rates

increase graduation rates

improve job placement rates

improve job placement rates

A strengths-based approach provides the ongoing encouragement, development and empowerment that students, faculty and staff are looking for.

Achieve the Outcomes That Matter Most to You

When schools take an all-encompassing approach to adopting strengths, they create a shared language that students, faculty and staff can build on and provide a framework that leaders can use to implement schoolwide initiatives.

Gallup will partner with you to help aim strengths at the outcomes that are important to you.

You have a vision for your school. We work with leaders to build support and create buy-in for your unique educational mission.

Growth happens when everyone is pulling in the same direction. We help you enable faculty and staff to do what they do best by giving them the tools for personal and student development.

Development opportunities exist at every level of the student experience. We work with you to identify student strengths champions to build a culture of peer-to-peer development.

Student and faculty success is the mission. We help individuals discover and develop their strengths, boosting critical outcomes.

Development is incremental. We help you create ongoing strengths touchpoints to realize the outcomes that matter most to you.

Manage Your CliftonStrengths for Students Experience With Gallup Access

Onboard With Ease

System administrators can monitor use and send reminder emails to prompt people to complete their assessment.

Develop Strengths

Use the Resources section for self-guided e-learning, access to the CliftonStrengths for Students reports and related resources.

Empower Admins

Admins can assign privileges to other users who need elevated permissions to get the most from the platform.

Get Reports

Want to print a Team Strengths Grid or export bulk strengths reports and data? Our platform makes it easier than ever to get the information you need, as quickly as you need it.

Create Teams

Build teams and assign role permissions so faculty and staff can connect and know each other's strengths. Owner and delegate roles allow for flexible accessibility -- allowing faculty and staff to take ownership of using strengths in their programs, classrooms and activities.

People-Focused Education Solutions

Gallup equips institutions with expert advice and transformative learning tailored to fit their university or school system.

Partner with us to create a thriving campus.

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