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CliftonStrengths® for Students Educator Rate Eligibility Details

Gallup offers qualified purchasers a tiered, volume-based educator rate when purchasing the CliftonStrengths for Students Report.

Use your "@[school].edu" or "@[school].k12" email address at checkout to automatically receive the educator rate when you purchase 10 or more codes in a single transaction.

If your email account uses a different domain, review the following eligibility requirements and apply for the educator rate if your organization meets the criteria.

Eligibility Overview and Requirements

The educator rate is a tiered, volume-based discount for those purchasing CliftonStrengths for Students reports for educational use. Qualified purchasers must be associated with an accredited institution, K-12 school district or other institution approved by an association recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, State Board of Education or similar regulating bodies.

If you are an educator whose email account uses a different domain (other than "@[school].edu" or "@[school].k12"), you may still be eligible for the educator rate if:

  • you are an educator with a different email domain structure than those listed above (including from a non-U.S.-based, degree-granting institution) OR you are associated with a U.S.-based organization that partners with campuses or K-12 school districts
  • AND you are purchasing 10 or more CliftonStrengths for Students reports in a single transaction

If you or your institution meets these criteria, you may complete a one-time application for the educator rate using your institution's email domain.

What to consider before applying for the educator rate:

  • The educator rate is not available to consultants, churches, non-accredited institutions and nonprofit organizations that do not have a formal partnership or agreement with an eligible school or institution.
  • The educator rate is based on the number of codes purchased in a single transaction. It is not cumulative for multiple orders or multiple accounts from the same organization.
  • Be prepared to provide proof of accreditation during the application process.
  • If you apply for the educator rate, please allow up to five business days to receive notification of your status.
  • If you have not received approval or denial of eligibility after one week, please contact
  • If your application is approved, you must register your account with the approved email address and purchase a minimum of 10 codes to receive the educator rate at checkout.

If you have any questions, contact

Complete the application form.

Someone will contact you within five business days to confirm your request if you are eligible. Please note: If your email address is approved, you must purchase 10 or more codes in a single transaction to receive the educator rate.

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