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Well-Being University Certification

Student and Life Outcomes That Matter

Be certified as the well-being university that leads students to lifelong success.

Identify drivers of well-being on your campus and amplify them for your whole campus community.

A tailored strategy to promote campus well-being.

We help forward-focused universities reorient their institutional resources, practices and policies to create environments that support whole-person growth and fully engaged, fulfilled students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Gallup's Well-Being University Certification process includes:

  • measuring top drivers of well-being and engagement on campus through The Well-Being 5
  • identifying key characteristics of thriving and languishing populations, as well as risk and resiliency factors
  • naming opportunities to improve programs and experiences to prepare students for the future
  • assessing current well-being efforts and identifying areas of strength and opportunity
  • tailoring interventions to meet the needs of specific campus populations
  • analyzing whether and how new efforts are achieving their intended outcomes

Our Well-Being University initiatives not only promote personal fulfillment and meaning, but they also encourage actions that counter the headwinds of student mental health challenges.

George Mason University Becomes the First Well-Being University in the World

Based on Gallup's research findings and in consultation with Gallup experts, George Mason leaders are adjusting programs, structures and supports to better promote well-being, engagement and success across all sectors of their community.

Virginia Tech Student Survey Captures Attitudes on Experiential Learning and Mentoring

Virginia Tech students recognize the importance of mentoring support and experiential learning as part of a transformative educational experience, according to results from a research collaboration with Gallup.

Former Student-Athletes Are Winners in Well-Being

Former student-athletes are more likely to be thriving -- or strong and consistent -- than non-student-athletes in four out of five areas of well-being that Gallup measures.

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Improve Your Campus Wellbeing

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Create a Thriving Campus Community

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