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The most successful institutions and school systems invest in their most important asset -- the people who inspire and support student success. Gallup provides the analytics and advice to create engaged, inclusive work cultures that improve organizational and student outcomes.

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Why Engagement Matters

The Impact of Employee Engagement in Educational Institutions

Employees who are engaged are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace. They remain at their organization longer, are better advocates for their brand and recommend their organization as a great place to work. Engaged employees are also less costly to their employer -- institutions with more engaged employees spend less in healthcare costs and report lower absenteeism and turnover rates.

And, most importantly, highly engaged educators and staff members produce more engaged and emotionally attached students, with lower levels of absenteeism, higher academic achievement and greater levels of on-time completion.

of U.S. teachers and 34% of higher education faculty and staff are engaged in their work.
Teachers who are engaged are
less likely to leave their district, compared with teachers who are not engaged or are actively disengaged.

Highly engaged teams have 78% less absenteeism, 17% higher sales productivity and 68% better wellbeing.

How Gallup Can Help

Analytics and Advice for Engaging Teachers, Faculty and Staff

Institutions and schools face enduring and novel challenges as they seek to retain highly talented employees and inspire students amid unprecedented pressures and disruption. Gallup provides education leaders with critical analytics and advice to help institutions adapt to change, deliver on their mission and support their students by improving the employee experience.

Our education experts help institutions and schools:

  • measure engagement and other aspects of the employee experience, including wellbeing and diversity, equity and inclusion
  • develop leaders so they can create engaging workplaces for their teams and create a positive, inclusive culture
  • discover unique opportunities and competitive advantages using the robust benchmarking capabilities of over 400,000 interviews with educators in our engagement database
  • implement strategies and find solutions unique to each institutional or district mission

Move From Insight to Action With Our Engagement Tools for Educators

The Q12®

Gallup's scientifically tested and validated index measures the 12 key elements of employee engagement as determined by the most comprehensive workplace study ever conducted. This index has been thoroughly tested and linked to important organizational outcomes for higher education institutions, including healthcare costs, turnover, absenteeism and student outcomes.

Gallup Access

Get everything you need to track engagement in one convenient online platform. Gallup Access allows leaders to quickly and efficiently survey teams, share results, and access learning, best practices, action planning and more.

Courses for Learning and Development

Gallup's learning and development approach is built on over 80 years of research and tailored to every organization we serve, ensuring that training and related interventions are aimed strategically at each organization's unique priorities.


When employees get to do what they do best, they are more engaged at work. They are more present, focused and inspired and less likely to be burned out or disengaged. And teams that receive strengths-based development can experience gains of up to 15% in employee engagement.

Gallup's CliftonStrengths assessment can be the starting place for stronger, happier employees.

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Partner with us to create a thriving, engaged and inclusive learning environment for educators and students.

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