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K-12 Education

Build Engaged & Thriving Schools

The building blocks to creating a thriving community are rooted in education. Prepare your students to get great jobs and lead fulfilling lives by partnering with Gallup to transform your school's culture and boost your students' hope and engagement.

Our Approach

We help create exceptional schools one student at a time.

Learn practical steps to take from Gallup K-12 Education's team of consultants and experts to help your school thrive.

We help education leaders build a culture of equity where all students can discover their natural talents, learn how to develop their talents into strengths and do what they do best every day.

Students thrive when an engaged network of parents and family, school leaders, teachers, coaches, mentors, friends, and neighbors supports them. Gallup can help you build these types of relationships today.

of superintendents agree that student engagement is a key measure of school effectiveness.

Teachers who are engaged are


Less likely to leave the district than teachers who are not engaged or actively disengaged.

Gallup experts help schools enhance their district identity for a clearly defined and highly committed culture. We support schools in building a strong principal pipeline because school leadership is a top driver of parent engagement.

We help districts attract, identify and hire the most talented teachers and staff. Our strengths-based tools will develop the natural talents of those teachers, staff and students through the discovery and use of their talent and strengths. By measuring and increasing teacher, student, parent and community engagement, schools can achieve improved outcomes and a thriving school culture.

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Set Yourself -- and Your Students -- Up for Success

Learn what great teachers do differently in Teach With Your Strengths. Discover fresh approaches to bring public schools back to life in Building Engaged Schools and learn what motivates great teachers and inspires students to tap into the considerable potential in America's classrooms.

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Get proven results that matter.

K-12 Solutions

Let us help you make the most of hope and engagement in your district.

We design our education tools, products and services to meet your school where it is on its development path and create an outline for future success. From our strengths-based products to talent-based hiring and a focus on employee, student and parent engagement, contact a Gallup Education expert to discuss how to change the conversation about hope and engagement at your school.

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Featured Insights

View Gallup data and discoveries that transform schools.

From annual reports on the nation's superintendents to the Gallup Student Poll, these shared insights will inspire your school's educational path and start new conversations for development. Check back often for the latest in Gallup K-12 Education.

Featured Experts

Change the conversation at your school.

Gallup's thought leaders, scientists and data researchers are the leading authority in education. They have years of experience in the education industry developed from genuine relationships with districts nationwide. Our team is excited to share insights from your data and provide feedback and products based on your needs. Our experts are available to help create the path for your school's continued success.

Jon Clifton

Jon Clifton

Global Managing Partner
Katie Lyon

Katie Lyon

Managing Director, Education
Jim Asplund

Jim Asplund

Chief Scientist, Strengths-Based Development
Ben Wigert

Ben Wigert

Director of Research and Strategy, Workplace Management

Transform your culture to boost student outcomes.

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