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Higher Education Solutions

Strategic Initiatives for Meaningful Outcomes & Measures

Gallup Higher Education gives institutions external accountability for strategic priorities and performance measures. Leading campuses harness the power of Gallup analytics and advice to guide their institutional strategy and brand and to reshape their student experience. Join the movement with Gallup's powerful research and insights.

Achieve positive campus results.

Traditionally, the value and quality of a college experience has been assessed using the easiest outcomes to measure rather than the most meaningful. But Gallup goes beyond traditional measures and uses quantitative and qualitative insights to help institutions answer some of the most fundamental questions facing higher education today.

Strengths-Based Development

Transform your students' college experience by inspiring and empowering them to apply their talents in leadership roles and in their clubs and organizations. Bring the power of CliftonStrengths for Students to your entire campus.

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Long-Term Alumni Outcomes

Learn how to improve the undergraduate experience at your university by examining national and institution-level findings on alumni life after graduation. The The Gallup Alumni Survey, formerly the Gallup-Purdue Index, is the largest study of U.S. college graduates. This annual report identifies critical undergraduate experiences that align with positive long-term graduate outcomes.

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Consumer View of Education

Hear how current, prospective and former education consumers feel about their education and how well it prepared them for the workforce. Gallup's daily poll on education and work preparedness, Education Consumer Insights, collects U.S. adults' opinions about their educational path and empowers consumers and leaders in higher education to strengthen education-to-employment pathways for all Americans.

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Thriving Campuses

Partner with Gallup to understand and boost well-being on your campus. Knowing how to identify top drivers of well-being and engagement will inspire your institution to achieve higher education's central promise -- to set students on a course for meaningful, fulfilled and engaged lives.

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Engage and develop your students and staff.

Gallup helps your institution create a culture of engagement for students and staff. With Gallup's vital data and expertise, university leaders can create a roadmap for improvement.

For Students
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Pathways to Possibilities

Help your students discover and understand their unique combination of builder talents. Gallup's Builder Initiative inspires individuals and advises them how to build something that has a lasting impact using their natural talents.

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Strengths-Based Development for Students

Find the resources, techniques and inspiration your students need to thrive at your institution and as they prepare to begin their career. With CliftonStrengths for Students, your students can start living a better life now.

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For Staff
A work team having a meeting

Faculty and Staff Engagement

Create a culture of positive human development -- one where faculty and staff develop and learn and where students thrive.

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Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaching

Learn how to nurture students' talents so they can apply them every day. And transform your campus into a strengths-based institution with Gallup's strengths-based development courses for educators.

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Create a thriving culture and campus climate.

Today's campus cultures face a host of threats. Issues of free speech, diversity and inclusion, and campus safety concerns can all detract from a healthy and thriving campus environment. With Gallup, you can explore the issues facing your campus and find out how your institution compares with others using our national benchmarks.

Diversity and Inclusion

Discover the numerous advantages of cultures that are both diverse and inclusive. Gallup's diversity and inclusivity metrics and advanced analytics focus on the structural and cultural influences on your campus that shape daily behavior and experiences.

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Custom Campus Climate Research

Determine the status of your institutional culture using Gallup's national and global expertise on topics related to campus climate -- free speech, well-being, and diversity and inclusion. Gallup's extensive bank of survey items and national data sets offer insights and comparisons to inform your decision-making.

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Create a thriving campus community.

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