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Gallup Great Workplace Award

Gallup Great Workplace Award

Gallup Great Workplace Award

In today's fast-paced world, exceptional workplaces know that the secret to unlocking world-class performance lies in their people. These extraordinary workplaces build their business strategies around their employees - positioning each worker to drive business outcomes, serve customers with excellence and achieve performance breakthroughs. As a result, their employees come to work every day energized and equipped to excel.

These elite organizations accomplish this by focusing on all elements of exceptional workplaces. They build and sustain their ideal culture. Navigate for the future with advanced analytics. Apply data-driven techniques to attract, hire and retain top talent. Make employee engagement a day-to-day practice. Adopt leading-edge performance management principles. Equip their managers and leaders to coach and inspire others. Position employees to use their innate strengths every day. Invest in employees' holistic well-being. Proactively address diversity and inclusion. Every day, these organizations strive for excellence.

Employees that are part of such workplaces are fueled to thrive, motivated to stay and driven to propel organic business growth.

The Gallup Great Workplace Award recognizes and celebrates the most elite workplaces in the world. These best-in-class companies holistically optimize their cultures and develop unstoppable workforces that fully embrace a culture of engagement.

Organizations that meet the award criteria are invited to apply for the Gallup Great Workplace Award.

The minimum criteria to apply:

For organizations that purchased the Gallup Q12® survey from or administer the Q12 survey through Gallup Access:

  • total of at least 50 respondents representing a census of the organization
  • overall GrandMean (GM) of 4.40+
  • ability to link engagement with business outcomes
  • local-level engagement data (if available)

For all other organizations:

  • total of at least 50 respondents representing a census of the organization
  • final Q12 response rate of 80% or higher
  • GrandMean of 4.20+
    • <20K employees: 60% of eligible business units at GM of 4.20+
    • 20K to <100K employees: 55% of eligible business units at GM of 4.20+
    • 100K+ employees: 50% of eligible business units at GM of 4.20+
  • ability to link engagement with business outcomes

The application for the 2018 Gallup Great Workplace Award requires a manager nomination for the Gallup Manager of the Year award. Managers wield incredible power to optimize employee potential. Great managers with innate leadership talent are the cornerstones of exceptional workplaces. They continually focus on accelerating business outcomes and building cultures of excellence. The best managers individualize their approach with each team member, understanding that each employee has unique goals, needs and motivations. They emphasize employee well-being, deepen employees' strengths, coach employees to greatness and support leaders' vision for the culture. Great managers own each employee's development - acting as a driving force for ongoing performance growth and building workplaces that are engines of productivity and profitability.

Gallup will select 10 finalists for the Manager of the Year award, and the judging panel of workplace experts will select one winner. Organizations may nominate one manager as part of your online application. Consider managers who are consistently in the 90th percentile or above in overall engagement, show high performance levels, attain high employee retention and achieve consistent engagement scores over time. Consider success stories that have generated best practices within your organization. As the judging panel reviews nominations, they may contact managers to gain additional insights regarding their achievements.

The application period for the 2018 Gallup Great Workplace Award is Nov. 13, 2017, through Feb. 23, 2018. Award winners will be announced in April 18, 2018.

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