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Gallup-Licensed Partners

We partner with organizations worldwide to increase global access to Gallup's groundbreaking coursework. Wherever Gallup has a limited presence, we work with regional professionals to deliver Gallup-endorsed learning that changes conversations about human development.

Through Our Global Partnerships

We are changing lives in more locations than ever before.

Explore our current partnerships and the regions where we offer our courses.

Being Human Group (BHG)
Location: South Africa
Language: English
Visit Partner Site about Being Human Group (BHG)
Coaching Management Institute (CMI)
Location: South Korea
Language: Korean
Visit Partner Site about Coaching Management Institute (CMI)
Location: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Visit Partner Site about Leeuwendaal
Link Coaching and Consulting
Location: Ecuador
Language: Spanish
Visit Partner Site about Link Coaching and Consulting
Location: Taiwan
Language: Simplified Chinese/English
Visit Partner Site about StrengthsBusiness
Location: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Visit Partner Site about Ynner
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