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World Cooking Index: COVID-19, Inflation and Other Factors Changing How We Cook

Webinar Details
Date & Time
December 07, 2022 | 10:00 AM Eastern Time
1 hour
About the Webinar

The human relationship with food is unique. Cooking and eating are cultural practices that have shaped our evolution. The Gallup and Cookpad home-cooking survey, now in its fourth year, provides a nuanced understanding of people’s cooking and eating habits around the world. 

A home-cooked meal can be a welcome source of wellbeing and creativity for some — but it can also be a resource challenge for more vulnerable populations. As the holiday season approaches, Gallup and Cookpad will explore who is cooking around the world, how often, and issues Americans face with regard to food and cooking (e.g., access to healthy, affordable food and ingredients, making nutritious food, and enjoying the process of cooking and the act of eating).

On Dec. 7, join Cookpad, Gallup and other thought leaders as they discuss global cooking patterns during an uneven return to “normal” in the second year of the pandemic. Drawing from four years of World Cooking Index data, our expert panel will share “food for thought” on the state of home cooking around the world.

The Speakers
Rimpei Iwata
President and CEO
Psyche Williams-Forson
Professor and Department Chair of American Studies
University of Maryland
David Eisenberg
Director of Culinary Nutrition and Adjunct Associate Professor of Nutrition
Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health
Mohamed Younis
Editor-in-Chief, Gallup News (Host)

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