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B-flation: How Good Grades Can Sideline Parents

Webinar Details
60 minutes
About the Webinar

In fall 2023, Gallup partnered with Learning Heroes, a national nonprofit organization that harnesses the power of families to unlock student potential and school success, for a new study using the Gallup Panel with insights from almost 2,000 parents across the U.S. Complemented by national student performance data, the results highlight how parents are often only able to access a small subset of the information needed to assess their children’s academic progress. 

It's crucial to consider multiple data points to determine whether a student is meeting grade-level expectations or falling behind, and schools and teachers track academic performance through various means, including in-class assignments, exams, teacher observations and standardized tests. Understanding a child’s achievement and progress is vital, as it enables parents to provide necessary support from home. However, parents may not have access to the complete academic picture and, therefore, miss opportunities to help advance their child’s learning. 

Join us to find out what parents and educators can do to address this important issue. Discover key opportunities for strengthening two-way communication between families and schools, including unpacking report cards and traditional good grades such as A’s and B’s.

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The Speakers
Bibb Hubbard
Founder and President
Learning Heroes
Maya Cadogan
Founder and Executive Director
Zach Hrynowski
Senior Education Researcher
Mohamed Younis

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