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Kristin Barry

Kristin Barry

Director of Hiring Analytics
Omaha, Nebraska

About Kristin

Kristin Barry is Director of Hiring Analytics at Gallup. Barry serves as a thought leader and strategic adviser for Gallup clients and consultants on the science of analytics-based and talent-focused hiring. She is an expert at understanding, identifying and quantifying talent that leads to measurable performance outcomes.

Barry's expertise also includes strategic interventions that elevate talent across organizations. She works with Gallup's clients to build and implement talent acquisition systems that lead to increased productivity and sustainable financial performance. Barry leads a team of researchers and consultants to advance Gallup's talent-based hiring research, products and intellectual property, and she serves as a leader on Gallup's talent resources team, advising on the attraction, selection and retention of talent at Gallup.

Before her current role, Barry built her expertise interviewing thousands of candidates to provide talent analysis, feedback and hiring consultation to Gallup and client managers. She then led learning and development for talent management consultants, teaching Gallup's talent-based hiring research and the science of talent analysis. She served on the research team that built several talent-based interviews and guided the creation of Gallup's talent-based hiring course, Employing Top Talent.

Barry received her bachelor's degree in secondary education mathematics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Areas of Expertise

Workplace Culture