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The Short Answer

Measuring Americans' faith in God depends on the threshold of "belief."

Learn from a dedicated school leader with 35 years in education how his faith-based school has worked to integrate CliftonStrengths into the school's curriculum.

Four in 10 Americans have a creationist view of human origins, while 33% believe humans evolved with God's guidance and 22% without it.

Billions worldwide are helping others.

Learn about the Cascade strengths report and the Strengths Twins initiative, CliftonStrengths tools created by a strengths coach who uses them in his church.

Learn how the CliftonStrengths assessment has given renewed purpose to individuals, including millennials, in an Australian faith community.

Learn how a nonprofit, faith-based organization, Compassion International, uses employee strengths to further its mission of releasing children from poverty.

Learn how strengths sparked a Roman Catholic community to greater volunteerism and community involvement in this recap of a CliftonStrengths Summit 2016 session.

Social & Policy Issues

Discover how two coaching partners are bringing congregational and leader engagement to churches through strengths.

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