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Organizational Culture

Company culture is a force multiplier for the outcomes that matter most to you -- and when properly harnessed, it becomes a powerful differentiator for your organization.

Gallup's Organizational Culture solutions are as unique as your organization, helping you capture the principal reason your company exists and using it to drive performance, engagement, brand awareness and more.

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What We Think

Your Best Workplace Culture Already Exists

Every company has its own idea of how things should go. But without clear purpose, communication and measurement, the "how" might be hard for employees -- and customers -- to grasp.

Our work begins with our comprehensive culture audit to help you articulate the opportunities that separate your current culture from your preferred state -- determining whether you are on the right track, just need a few adjustments or require a complete refresh.

It's not about doing something new -- it's about finding what works for your organization.

Use this sample assessment to reflect on the current state of your culture.

Company culture is the key to long-term success. Maybe you have strong ideas about what your culture should be -- or maybe you're not sure where to start.

Sample Culture Assessment to learn more about taking the first steps toward your aspirational culture

Why It Matters

Culture Is a Competitive Advantage

Great cultures leverage their organization's unique mission, purpose and values to strengthen their identity, inspire their employees and deliver on their brand promise to customers. It's what sets you apart from the competition.

A strong company culture is crucial to business success but the reality is that most employees don't feel meaningfully connected to it.

Employees' feelings of detachment align with how they believe their teammates and managers contribute to their organization's culture. Only two in 10 employees strongly agree that their coworkers are committed to their organization's cultural values, and the same proportion of employees strongly agree that their manager explains how the organization's cultural values influence their work.

Simply put, when your organizational culture is wrong, employees -- and customers -- leave. When you get it right, you're able to:

Attract better candidates

Retain your most talented people

Increase engagement and productivity

Improve employee wellbeing and safety

Enhance diversity, equity and inclusion

Deliver the best possible customer experience

Organizational culture aligns your workforce and points it at the outcomes that matter most to you, ensuring everyone is pulling in the same direction.

How We Help

Your Ideal Culture Will Be Unique -- Let Gallup Be Your Guide

No two cultures are the same. That's why our solutions are leader-led and Gallup-enabled.

You're not starting at zero -- we want to help you work toward the complete alignment of your culture with your mission and purpose.

Our comprehensive culture audit is the starting point we'll use to inform and affirm your core mission and purpose as we progress through our framework.

Fill out this sample assessment to get an idea of how our culture audit could work for you.

Sample Culture Assessment

Office culture image

Here's our framework:


Culture is informed by purpose and amplified by your brand.

We'll work together to determine and clarify what is and should be the purpose, mission, values and brand of your organization with our unique culture audit.


Culture is confusing when everyone isn't on the same page.

We'll show you how to create awareness and shared understanding and belief among senior leadership and the workforce at all levels.


The best company culture comes to life through the employee experience.

We'll help you incorporate your newly defined culture into behaviors and work practices and recalibrate systems, policies and processes.


The only way to achieve the culture you want is by sustaining the changes you make.

We'll offer solutions to help you foster and enrich your culture through ongoing monitoring, accountability and reinforcement mechanisms for the long term.

A strong organizational culture increases key performance metrics for our clients.

50-pointincrease in employee engagement over a three-year period.
25% growth in workforce over a three-year period.
85% net profit increase over a five-year period.
138% improvement in patronage over a five-year period.
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Culture doesn't have a finish line. Check out these resources to help you build and sustain your company culture.

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