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Real Unemployment 9.2% -0.1
Gallup Good Jobs 44.9% -
Engaged at Work 33.1% +1.1
Economic Confidence 11 +1
Consumer Spending $92 -
Obama Approval 58% +1
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Seventy-eight percent of Americans approved of Dwight Eisenhower's "interregnum" in 1953, similar to approval of the way several recent presidents-elect handled this transition period.

Women have undoubtedly made progress in American society, but it is not enough. Women continue to drop out of the labor force.

by V. Lance Tarrance

Time magazine's labeling of Donald Trump as president of the "Divided States of America" may summarize the election results, but it is not how the Trump vs. Clinton states view the issues.

16% of college graduates who visited their career services office report the office was very helpful.

Less than half of U.S. employees strongly agree that they know what makes their company's brand different from that of competitors.

Per capita GDP has grown 1% per year from 2007 to 2015

Leaders need to act fast to stop revenue declines from millennial consumers.

Organizations with strengths-based brands draw talented job seekers who are driven to use and develop their innate abilities.

45% of female employees want to become a senior manager or leader

Struggles with indifferent B2B and banking customers were major business challenges covered in 2016.

What do women and millennials want from the workplace? covered these and other hot topics in 2016.