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Get the best out of your people with CliftonStrengths (formerly Clifton StrengthsFinder).

What if you knew how to uniquely motivate each employee and help them work better together as a team?

Identify what your team does best and help them understand one another.

You can boost individual and team performance when you use CliftonStrengths to coach and develop employees.

Learn how the assessment works and discover why organizations love it.

Gallup Access gives your managers the ability to see each employee's strengths report, analyze team dynamics for more effective team planning and feedback, and oversee the distribution of assessments to their teams.

Screenshot of CliftonStrengths Teams Grid

Equip your managers to coach and give meaningful feedback.

Have you ever worked for a manager who didn't give you valuable feedback? What about one who truly understood you and set you up for success?

Which one would you rather work for?

CliftonStrengths helps organizations move away from the command-and-control management style to creating a culture that focuses on people's strengths and development. Making this change will help employees -- and customers -- have better experiences at your company.

of employees who strongly agree that their manager focuses on their strengths are engaged.

of employees who disagree that their manager focuses on their strengths are engaged.

Find out more in our Strengths Meta-Analysis report

A positive approach. But not a "soft" one.

CliftonStrengths isn't just another assessment that doesn't lead to anything.

Creating a strengths-based workplace is a business strategy that gets financial results.

Workgroups that receive strengths-based development have:

14% to 29%

increased profit

10% to 19%

increased sales

3% to 7%

higher customer engagement

How to Create a Strengths-Based Organizational Culture

Download the How to Create a Strengths-Based Organizational Culture report to learn the five steps necessary for transforming your culture using CliftonStrengths.

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Help every employee learn more about what they do best to maximize their potential.

Personalized Strengths Reports

Get detailed insights into each person's top strengths and their unique combination of 34 themes. Individualized reporting helps every employee and manager understand themselves and their teams better.

Screenshot of CliftonStrengths 34 report

Interactive Learning Modules

Employees and managers can use the interactive modules to examine their strengths and learn how to apply them. Managers also get insights and action ideas for individualizing feedback to their team members.

Screenshot of CliftonStrengths learning module

Development and Action Planning Guides

Practice using strengths every day with ideas from our strengths action planning guides and self-guided learning and development modules.

Screenshot of CliftonStrengths theme insights card

Team Reports

Get ideas for project planning and team motivation from our team strengths reports. With the CliftonStrengths team grid, managers can see how their team operates together, what motivates employees the most and in what areas they need complementary partnerships.

Screenshot of CliftonStrengths Team Grid and team sequencing report

Start motivating your team with CliftonStrengths. Request a demo today.

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