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Transforming Organizations

Across government agencies, higher education institutions, NGOs and nonprofits, leaders have one problem in common: People are complicated.

And in the public sector, it's not just managing the public's expectations for the future -- it's being responsible for workplace performance, succession planning, development and long-term strategies that get results. In the overwhelming urgency of the everyday, it's hard to know where to start.

So start with Gallup.

Our Approach

Bold Visions and Actionable Advice

You may be thinking, the last thing I need is more data.

But Gallup doesn't just do data -- we do data-driven transformation.

Whether you have metrics in place or need a way to quantify your progress, our expertise is our analysis. We help you figure out what data matter most and what to do with them.

Gallup turns government analytics, higher education analytics, human capital analytics or other public sector data science into actionable advice for measurable success.

Public Sector Workplace Solutions

When you're responsible for improving performance outcomes for the betterment of society, you need advice from someone who knows you're a different kind of workplace.

Gallup has a proven track record of gathering public sector data analytics and helping organizations create action plans for:

  • succession planning
  • employee engagement
  • employee development
  • performance management
  • custom research
"We help you understand current conditions and forecast predictions with data, but we help you shape your future with hardworking management consulting."

Chris Stewart, Gallup Senior Partner

More Resources

Supporting Your Mission With Our Expertise

We're here to help you serve the ones who are counting on you.


Advanced Analytics: The Art of the Possible

We love big problems, and we love small problems that feel insurmountable. Whatever your question, your wondering or your need, we can customize advanced analytics to help make the aspirational attainable.

Forecasting & Future Analysis

Identify the factors to watch to predict future trends and behaviors.

Scenario Modeling & Simulation

Use our expertise in human behavior and decision-making to learn where a course of action may lead.

Text Analysis

Dig into textual data for a deeper understanding of underlying issues.

Social Network Analysis

Decode the social structures shaping behavior and information.

Our Impact

Research in Action

Learn about our innovative solutions to our clients' toughest questions.

The Knight Foundation Uses "Living Portal" to Understand Perceptions of Media Bias

As the informational landscape has rapidly transformed, Americans' trust in the media is eroding in real time. The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation partnered with Gallup to understand perceptions of media, technology and freedom of expression in the digital age.

One result of this partnership has been the creation of NewsLens, an experimental platform that pushes the boundaries of traditional social science to measure how Americans really behave with the media -- capturing what they do versus what they say they do.

NewsLens has confirmed that perceived trustworthiness of news content depends on how one views the news source. Plans are in progress to engage even more users and collaborate with media outlets to use the platform for further experiments.

Learn more about Gallup's work with Knight Foundation

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