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Gallup's Latest Law and Order Report

Discover which countries scored the highest -- and lowest -- on our Law and Order Index, which measures people's sense of personal security and experiences with crime and law enforcement. Download the 2021 report to see how each country stacks up.

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Global Law and Order Report

Every year, Gallup releases the Global Law and Order report, which tracks people's perceptions of their safety, security and confidence in their local police.

of people worldwide have confidence in their local police, up slightly from 69% in 2019


point drop in Bolivians' confidence in police


of people in Venezuela, Gabon feel safe walking alone

2021 State of the Global Workplace Report

Why does measuring people's sense of personal security matter?

The Global Law and Order report helps countries measure their progress toward meeting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal focused on peace, justice and strong institutions. Visit our Global Law and Order Research Center to learn more and view past reports.

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Explore Past Global Law and Order Reports

Gallup has published the Global Law and Order report since 2015. Download previous reports to see what's changed -- and what's stayed the same -- over time.

Police Shadows

Law and Order 2020 Report

Gallup's 2020 Global Law and Order report revealed that nearly seven in 10 people worldwide were confident in their local police.

Download PDF about Law and Order 2020 Report.
Group of Police

Law and Order 2019 Report

Gallup's 2019 Global Law and Order report found that nearly seven in 10 people worldwide feel safe walking alone at night where they live.

Download PDFabout Law and Order 2019 Report.
Police Cruiser Lights

Law and Order 2018 Report

Gallup's 2018 Global Law and Order report found that Latin America and the Caribbean scored lowest on sense of security.

Download PDF about Law and Order 2018 Report.