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Gallup and Cookpad track how often people around the world prepare and eat home-cooked meals, and how cooking shapes people’s lives.

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A Global Analysis of Cooking Around the World

The Gallup and Cookpad home-cooking survey returned for its fifth year in 2022. Since 2018, the survey has tracked how often people around the world prepare and eat home-cooked meals.

The latest edition explores emerging themes, including the widening of the cooking gender gap in 2022 and how various factors -- including gender, age and household size -- influence cooking habits and enjoyment across the globe. The report also unravels the world's typical cooking profiles, defining five distinct categories of home cooks such as "Joyful Chefs," who relish any opportunity to cook a meal at home, or "Reluctant Cooks," who cook the least.

A Global Analysis of Cooking Around the World report cover

The Cookpad home-cooking survey was included as a module within the Gallup World Poll in 2022. Since 2005, the World Poll has regularly surveyed people in more than 160 countries using mixed methods of telephone and face-to-face interviewing. In a typical year, the poll results represent more than 95% of the world’s population aged 15 and older, using randomly selected, nationally representative samples.

The questionnaire was translated into the major conversational languages of each country. The translation process started with an English, French or Spanish version, depending on the region. One of two translation methods may have been used. First, two independent translations were completed. An independent third party, with some knowledge of survey research methods, adjudicated the differences. A professional translator translated the final version back into the source language. Second, a translator translated into the target language. An independent third party with knowledge of survey methods reviewed and revised the translation as necessary.

Core Gallup World Poll question translations remain consistent over time. Any new question items were translated according to the Gallup World Poll’s quality procedures. Interviewers were instructed to follow the interview script and were not allowed to deviate from the translated language.

Key insights illuminate diverse culinary habits across cultures and how they’ve evolved over time, including the home-cooking gender gap:
6.4 The average amount of meals the world cooked per week in 2022, on par with pre-pandemic rates.
4.7 The average number of weekly meals women cooked, more than men each week.
9.1 Weekly meals prepared by Joyful Chefs, the most popular of the five home cook types, making up 36% of the total population with three in four being women.

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