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Network Marketing: Learn What to Duplicate

Network Marketing: Learn What to Duplicate

by Jeremie Brecheisen
Network Marketing: Learn What to Duplicate

In network marketing, experts claim duplication is the key to success. This means getting builders on your team who duplicate your efforts, people who advocate for your cause and speak positively about what you do. But what, exactly, are you duplicating?

Are you trying to duplicate your closing style at classes? Are you trying to duplicate your way of connecting with others through text blitzing or blogging?

You may think duplicating your style is helpful, but in reality it is only helpful if your downline is exactly like you, and that is unlikely, both practically and statistically. When we look at CliftonStrengths results and consider just your Top 5 most dominant talent themes, we can identify more than 278,000 possible combinations of Signature Themes. No one is like you, so stop trying to duplicate the wrong thing!

Focus on duplicating your efforts, not your DNA. Focus on duplicating outcomes, not processes. Focus on duplicating energy, not personality.

Share your best practices, but in an effort to inform rather than instruct. Tell your story, how you approached a challenge. And then be clear about what the outcome is. Excellent managers set specific goals for the end result, then let people get there in their own way -- building individual "best practices" all along. Focusing on strengths means you must let go of the notion that your way is the only way to the top.

Duplicate energy.

Honor the people on your team. Find out what energizes your people, not what energizes you. Discerning what energizes your people is not about incentives. It's about curiosity. What do your people actually do best? Have you have ever offered incentives to your team and found that no one responded with action? The incentive was not the issue. You have to focus on the talents that drive them, that motivate them and that energize them. Find that out, discover that information, and the incentive will get clear. It may not cost any money. It may just be a simple thank you, or more responsibility, or public recognition, or private recognition, or so many other potential opportunities that have nothing to do with the free product you were offering.

One surefire way to enhance the energy of others is to get them to share their own strengths with you. Consider asking specific questions that get to the heart of their energy. Ask about times when you can expect the best from them and about situations when they're not at their best.

Duplicate outcomes.

If everyone has a different combination of dominant talents, then everyone is going to have a different process to reach the same outcomes. Some may love text blitzing. Others may love Facebook posts. And others may love growing their team by asking everyone at their classes to host a class. If your style of mentorship is to insist on getting others to do it one way, when another way energizes them, then you may lose them. Help them stay focused on the outcome and know there are thousands of ways people have built their downlines and teams in the history of network marketing. New ways are being created every day.

Duplicate ownership.

At the end of the day, you want your builders to feel ownership of their team, their business and their efforts. Remember, you are not their boss. That's probably one of the reasons they joined your team. They wanted a job without a boss! So be their mentor. Coach them! Help them understand their greatest talents, and point them toward what they can get excited about. Help them take ownership by taking ownership of who they are as a person.

Duplication is critical to being successful in your business, but remember what you should be duplicating, focus on your team's strengths and coach them to be at their best, not yours.

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