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Using CliftonStrengths to Create and Accomplish Resolutions

Using CliftonStrengths to Create and Accomplish Resolutions

by Tonya Fredstrom
Using CliftonStrengths to Create and Accomplish Resolutions

The best resolutions aren't just informed by your talents, they're kept by your talents, too! Here's how it works for me.

My top five CliftonStrengths themes are Maximizer, Strategic, Achiever, Learner and Individualization. Given these, everything for me is about improvement. I'm all about getting that little bit more out of everything (Maximizer). And the first place I focus my attention is on myself. How can I continue to grow into my best self today, tomorrow and throughout the year? To get the wheels turning, I use the five essential elements of wellbeing based on Gallup's research. These elements are: Purpose (formerly "Career"), Social, Financial, Physical and Community Wellbeing. Across each of those elements, I ask myself, "What is one thing I want to specifically start or continue doing that will move me forward in my desire to be my best self?"

Once I've identified at least one resolution in each area, I begin to think about exactly how I will ensure that these new habits are integrated into my daily existence (Strategic). I consider what I need to learn that will inform my thinking or inspire my actions (Learner). Then I put what I'll be doing on the calendar so I can be sure it happens, and I can check it off as it does (Achiever). Along the way, the things I discover about myself and the benefits of my resolutions, I share with those who I think might benefit from the same idea or a similar idea that I tailor to a particular individual (Individualization).

Of course, your talents are different than mine. But the same principles for writing and sticking with your resolutions apply.

  1. Start with who you are and what's important to you.
  2. Identify at least one resolution for each of the five elements of wellbeing.
  3. Determine what systems, processes or reminders you need to put in place that are consistent with your talents.

As I begin to do what I've resolved to, I find it easy to stay motivated because this is how I become my best self -- and that's really important to me. I'm not interested in a good life. I'm committed to living a great life! And the first step to doing that is to show up as my best self every day. We are each placed in this world for a reason, and who we are and what we contribute to others while we are in this world is important. I want to be my best self every day, so I can give my best self to every person I am blessed to meet along life's way.

Perhaps these words from Rabbi Zusya will encourage you (and those you coach) to resolve to become more of who you are each year -- for the good of those you meet along life's way.

Rabbi Zusya, when he was an old man, said, "In the coming world, they will not ask me: 'Why were you not Moses?' They will ask me: 'Why were you not Zusya?'"

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Tonya Fredstrom's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Maximizer, Strategic, Achiever, Learner and Individualization.

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