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3 Secrets to Introducing Strengths to a New Audience

3 Secrets to Introducing Strengths to a New Audience

3 Secrets to Introducing Strengths to a New Audience

As strengths coaches, we live for the moments when we inspire someone about his or her own development. We see the Aha! moments happen, and we realize we're doing exactly what we were meant to do with our professional lives. Yet, we can't help but wonder, how can we ensure that more of our clients have more Aha! moments and more tangible insights that lead to real results in their lives and businesses?

We know that the clients who see the best results are those who are ready and committed to make a change or grow in some way. This is true for the big company, the entrepreneur or the individual. Yet, our optimism, undying belief in human potential and living case studies of transformative work give us hope that change is also possible for those clients who may be less ready and committed at the given moment.

So this leads me to 3 secrets to introducing strengths to new audiences effectively.

Secret No. 1: Create a space for curiosity and discovery.

When people have a chance to be themselves, share with others in a safe space, reflect deeply and connect the dots in their own stories, discoveries happen. In a Globally Bold blog earlier this year, I alluded to the idea of strengths being our personal superpowers. When you inform your audience that the chances of another person having the same Top 5 strengths in the same order is 1 in 33 million, suddenly the concept of having a superpower isn't too far-fetched and an atmosphere of curiosity is created.

Secret No. 2: Focus on learning moments for the client at all times.

I observe the 80/20 rule. During one-on-one coaching or facilitated group strengths sessions, aim to share personal anecdotes only 20% of the time or less. During 80% or more of the time, participants should be exploring their strengths, having conversations with each other and reflecting on the new concepts. The 80/20 rule will allow clients ample opportunities to connect with the material in a memorable way, increasing their understanding of strengths concepts and the likelihood they will seek and use strengths insights for their development.

Secret No. 3: Share your own passion for strengths.

We all remember our teachers from grade school who loved the topic they were teaching. Share your passion for strengths every day with as many people as possible. Most importantly, live it. We propel people toward higher chances for an excellent quality of life and engagement at work. We work with people to identify and appreciate the natural talents that make them unique and add value to everyone around them.

With my clients, I always speak about finding purpose in using my strengths to help others understand their own. At the end of every session, we reflect on our biggest takeaways and insights, and I share genuine words of gratitude to be in the role of a strengths coach. While we may ignite the fire for talent within one person, one team, one division or one organization at a time, the effects ripple beyond that first impact. Our collective efforts have the power to change the world, and that's a secret I share every day.

Torin Perez's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Ideation, Learner, Connectedness, Arranger and Activator.

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