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Transform Great Potential Into Greater Performance

Being your best self means playing to your strengths at work and everywhere else.

Discover your strengths and learn how to use them to thrive with CliftonStrengths 34.

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CliftonStrengths Explains How You Are Uniquely Powerful

The CliftonStrengths assessment -- formerly Clifton StrengthsFinder -- uncovers your unique rank order of 34 CliftonStrengths themes.

Your CliftonStrengths themes are your talent DNA. They explain the ways you most naturally think, feel and behave.

Our research to Learn About Science of CliftonStrengths shows that people who know and use their CliftonStrengths are:

  • more engaged at work
  • more productive in their roles
  • happier and healthier

Whether you're looking to improve yourself or if you're a leader wanting to empower your people to perform better, your efforts start with CliftonStrengths.

Your Success Starts With CliftonStrengths 34

Step 1

Complete the Assessment

Take the CliftonStrengths talent assessment -- formerly Clifton StrengthsFinder -- and discover your unique talent DNA. Learn more about How the CliftonStrengths Assessment Works.

Step 2

Unlock the CliftonStrengths 34 Report

Get Gallup's most in-depth CliftonStrengths report ever and learn how to make the most of your strongest CliftonStrengths. Learn more about how CliftonStrengths 34 Empowers People to Be Their Best.

Step 3

Access Other Reports and Resources

Use more personalized reports and interactive tools to learn how to develop and succeed using your CliftonStrengths. Learn more about Getting Your Personalized CliftonStrengths Results.

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Join 24,792,717 People Using Their CliftonStrengths to Thrive at Work and Everywhere Else


"It has helped me get crystal clear about who I am."


"I appreciate people feeling like they're seen, valued and heard -- that's really powerful."


"As a leader, I use my strengths to understand my team better."


"I can be BOLD in how I am wired."

Invented by Don Clifton to Empower Human Development

It isn't until people know what makes them talented and unique that they know how to perform better in their job. Or how to find one that's a better fit. And to build better relationships and be a better teammate. And to feel like they're improving. Every. Single. Day.

That's what Don Clifton meant when he wrote:

"There is no more effective way to empower people than to see each person in terms of his or her strengths."

Learn more about what started as one man's mission to make a contribution to human development, and how it now powers the greatest teams in the world's most successful organizations.

Learn about the history of CliftonStrengths.

Learn about the science of CliftonStrengths.

Don Clifton Father of Strengths Psychology and Inventor of CliftonStrengths

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Taking the assessment is just the beginning. Find the solutions proven to improve individual and team performance using CliftonStrengths at

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Get resources to create stronger, more productive teams. Learn more about Popular Cliftonstrengths Development Materials.


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Looking for StrengthsFinder? You're in the right place.

We rebranded the Clifton StrengthsFinder to CliftonStrengths.

The CliftonStrengths assessment is the same one featured in StrengthsFinder 2.0 and our other bestselling books.

It's the same assessment invented by Don Clifton and used by organizations, managers, and millions of people to fuel better performance in workplaces around the world.