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CliftonStrengths Products That Help You Change Lives and Transform Workplaces

Gallup offers a variety of strengths-based development products for a range of roles and responsibilities.

So, no matter what you do or who you lead, you can find what you need to develop employees, transform teams and create a strengths-based culture.

Premium Kits Designed to Help You Coach Others & Lead Teams to Greater Performance

Strengths-based development takes a coach, not a boss. Someone who can help others understand the power of their CliftonStrengths and use that power to achieve their goals.

We designed the following kits to help you develop your people using our proven strengths-based approach to coaching.

CliftonStrengths Coaching Starter Kit

$495.00 USD

Get the Essentials for Strengths-Based Development

Used by Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches worldwide, this kit gives coaches of all experience levels:

  • a better understanding of strengths-based development science
  • in-depth education about all 34 CliftonStrengths themes
  • detailed instructions and examples for conducting four foundational CliftonStrengths coaching conversations, including worksheets for leading those conversations more effectively
  • expert tools and materials to improve your CliftonStrengths coaching

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CliftonStrengths Coaching

The CliftonStrengths Coaching Starter Kit will help you lead others to perform better individually and on teams, regardless of their roles and responsibilities.

Strengths-Based Coaching With Managers and Teams Kit

$495.00 USD

Help Managers and Teams Have the Right Conversations

The Strengths-Based Coaching for Managers and Teams Kit is designed to help you:

  • coach managers to accomplish their goals using their strengths
  • help managers overcome team-related challenges using strengths-based strategies
  • foster greater engagement by helping teams discover, develop and use their talents
  • teach team members to improve productivity and performance using their individual and collective CliftonStrengths

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CliftonStrengths Coaching Teams Kit

With these proven coaching materials, you can confidently help managers and teams understand, apply and integrate their CliftonStrengths into their respective roles.

Discover Gallup's CliftonStrengths Learning Modules

Available exclusively to CliftonStrengths subscribers at Gallup Access, these digitally delivered learning modules give managers and the teams they lead an on-demand, interactive way to explore how to succeed using CliftonStrengths.

CliftonStrengths: Your Introduction

This module equips users with a way to talk about their unique CliftonStrengths, plus ideas for how to use them to fuel their success.

CliftonStrengths: Your Leadership

This module provides managers with insights into how they can use their CliftonStrengths to lead others effectively.

CliftonStrengths: Your Teams

This module gives managers strategic and practical ideas they can use to help their team members maximize their own CliftonStrengths to perform with excellence.

Contact us to learn how you can unlock these online modules for your team.

Tools You Need to Strengthen Your Team

Every manager needs hands-on resources to make the most of their employees' CliftonStrengths.

Use the following products to empower your people to perform their best and help your team achieve its goals.

CliftonStrengths Team Activities Guide

$99.99 USD

This guide empowers teams of all sizes and types to understand how they can best work together to accomplish their goals.

The 40 activities will help you:

  • enhance team members' self-awareness
  • develop stronger partnerships
  • build strengths-based teams
  • improve individual and team performance

CliftonStrengths Resource Guide for Managers

$20.00 USD

This guide takes an in-depth look at each of the 34 CliftonStrengths through the eyes of the manager. It includes:

  • details to better understand each CliftonStrengths theme
  • ideas for managing team members with each theme
  • insights for using each theme to manage your team

Products Proven to Engage Employees

It's no secret that engaged employees are invaluable. The best managers know that engaging employees requires a strengths-based approach.

Use the following resources to engage your employees and boost performance.

Creating an Engaging Workplace Manager Packet

$50.00 USD

This collection of resources is for managers and supervisors who want to create engaged, high-performing teams.

Use the materials in this packet to:

  • discuss engagement with your team
  • develop a specialized engagement plan
  • build an implementation strategy to create and sustain high levels of engagement and performance for your team

Building Accountability for Engagement Manager Packet

$50.00 USD

This collection of resources gives you the instructions and tools necessary to create and maintain a culture of engagement with your team.

Use the materials in this packet to:

  • better understand the state of your team
  • lead more purposeful and meaningful conversations with your team
  • create a team culture of accountability for engagement

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