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Changes in How You Access Digital Kits: Gallup Access Demo

Changes in How You Access Digital Kits: Gallup Access Demo

Webcast Details

  • Gallup Called to Coach Webcast Series
  • Season 7, Episode 46
  • Learn how access to your digital kits will be changing -- and the improvements you'll see -- in late 2019 and 2020, in this Gallup Access demo.

Gallup Learning Designer Patrick Nielsen, along with CliftonStrengths Portfolio Manager Austin Suellentrop, was our guest on a recent Called to Coach. Patrick and Austin shared an important update for coaches who use digital kits: how access to these kits is moving from to Gallup Access (starting on December 13, 2019), plus a demo of the new site and improvements Gallup has made, based on your feedback. Join us for this informative webcast.

Below is a full transcript of the conversation, including time stamps. Full audio and video are posted above.

Jim Collison 0:00

I'm Jim Collison and live from the Gallup campus here in Omaha, Nebraska, this is Gallup's Called to Coach, recorded on November 25, 2019.

Jim Collison 0:20

Called to Coach is a resource for those who want to help others discover and use their strengths. We have Gallup experts and independent strengths coaches share tactics, insights and strategies to help coaches maximize the talent of individuals, teams and organizations around the world. If you're listening live, love to have you join us in the chat room. There's a link up on the live page to the video right above you there. Join us in YouTube -- sign in there and you can ask your questions live, or if it's after the fact, you can email us your questions: Austin Suellentrop is our host today. Austin is the CliftonStrengths Portfolio Manager and my new best friend at work. Austin, welcome to Called to Coach!

Austin Suellentrop 0:54

Thank you very much, Jim. I think you can get away from the "new." We've been best friends at work for long enough now I think we can sort of own that one. So Hello, everybody, thank you for for being here. It's a pleasure to be with you. I had the chance to meet many of you virtually and and really sort of love the chance to get to know you and work with all of you. Excited for the conversation today. Today is sort of kicking off a bit of a series we're doing around how to fully take advantage of all the tools and resources you have at your disposal inside of Gallup Access, right.

Austin Suellentrop 1:27

So we've received a lot of feedback over the last couple months on Access as a platform and what you are enjoying about it; what's what's frustrating you about it. So we're going to be digging into those things over the next couple episodes that I'm a part of. And today, we're really excited to get into one of those tools that we know many of you have been leveraging, which are your digital kits, right. So if you've been paying attention to the Certified Coaches Newsletter, you have gotten word that on December 13, those kits are moving into Gallup Access, where they currently live outside of the platform. So we're excited today to have Patrick Nielsen with us. Patrick is one of our Learning Designers who has been very involved in this process of creating the kits and sort of working with us. So Patrick, thank you for being here. I appreciate it.

Patrick Nielsen 2:12

Yeah, thank you, Austin, I appreciate it. So today I'm going to run through a look at the digital kits on the new platform and compare a little bit of what you're going to be able to do with the digital kits as we've moved them over where you went before and where you're going to go now. So I will get started.

Austin Suellentrop 2:30

Wonderful, thanks. Jim and I will be in the background, monitoring the chat room and comments, making sure we get your questions answered while Patrick does his demo. So take it away, Patrick.

Patrick Nielsen 2:41

Great, thank you. So most of you would probably know that you would go to to start looking for your digital kits to get access to them right now. And that is where you will continue to go because the dates that we are looking to migrate all of the content over is going to be December 13. A lot of you who are existing users should have gotten an email, on November 13, alerting you of the change that is coming up.

Patrick Nielsen 3:15

So where you get access to your kits currently is through the Digital Learning Center on When you log in, you would come over here to the Digital Learning Center. Like I said, on December 13, we're going to switch over to Gallup Access and I'll show you all of that here shortly. On January 1 (2020), when we no longer access the digital kits through this area, we will redirect you to Gallup Access to access your kits at this point. But this should be pretty familiar that you've gone in and you've accessed your kits on this Gallup Digital Learning Center. You would have your Strengths Coaching Starter Kit or whatever kits that you would have access to as well.

Patrick Nielsen 3:58

Another thing that if you haven't scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the page that I just want to make you aware of is this little notification that we have down here that we'll be updating on December 13, when we do have the ability to log in on Gallup Access to access your kits, just to give you an update on where we're at. So we already have this updated to say that the digital resources are moving; we give you the date of December 13, where they'll be available. So as I've said already, you will have some overlap time to where you can still access your digital kits here on, but we would like you to start accessing them on Gallup Access to get familiar with them and start using them in your new location. If you have any questions, and I'll repeat this as we go, you can email contact us at to go in and do that.

Patrick Nielsen 4:51

So as you've done hopefully many times before, if you were launching your kit, you would just go to your open your digital content and this is what you would see. You would get the navigation of the existing kits before you would actually be able to go in and look at everything. So note just what you have over here on the left side. There are some similarities in the way in which we navigate on the new digital kits as well. So I just want you to be aware of that. And there are some features that are still very similar, but I will go over a lot of the changes with you as well.

Patrick Nielsen 5:26

So that is the world in which you live right now with your digital kits where you will access them on, go into the Digital Learning Center and be able to get the content that you have. Starting December 13, again, probably reiterate that date as many times as I can, you will be able to go to Gallup Access. So just Gallup Access and log in to the digital kits here at the sign-in over here, you would be able to go in and you Use what you have. I'm going to run you through here quickly with a test user. So when you're logging in, you will use the same account that you use currently to log in at The email that was sent to you previously should outline that as well.

Patrick Nielsen 6:24

And so when you do log in, you'll be on the Gallup Access dashboard. So hopefully you've seen this before where you can interact with your strengths and things like that. For what we're looking at here, you're going to want to go over to the menu in the top left corner, and click on courses and workbooks. So in an effort, as you all know, already to try to get everything over to Gallup Access and, you know, point everybody to one platform, this is just the next step in that process. And we're moving all of our learning content over to this area of Gallup Access. And so when you click on "Courses and Workbooks," that'll take you to our Learning Dashboard. So you can see your Learner Dashboard up here, and you'll be able to see all of the content that you'll be able to interact with here.

Patrick Nielsen 7:15

Within the dashboard, you can see that you know, some of the main things that you'll probably be interacting with would be this Activity tab, or the Access Your Content tab. When you first log in, all of the content that you have access to will more than likely be under the Access Your Content tab. Once you start accessing content, it will move up into the Activity tab for you to then just move and get into it for quicker access.

Patrick Nielsen 7:44

So today, I'm going to be running you through a look at the digital kit for the Leading High-Performance Teams course that we have. We are still working right now to make sure that everything is buttoned up and ready to go for the launch of the digital kits for the Strengths digital kits on December 13. So we are in the process of finalizing everything there to make sure that it is ready to go in our final testing stages, but the features, functionalities, everything that you're going to see here today will carry over into the digital kits that you will have access to as coaches, based on the courses that you went to for strengths as well.

Patrick Nielsen 8:25

So if you have it up here in Activity, you can go ahead and just click on Continue or Start. But if you click on Access Your Content, you'll be able to get into your digital kit. Just kind of again a lay of the land; your navigation menu is going to be over on the left side like you saw on the previous kits. You have a Notes tab and I'll walk through the notes functionality there as well. You can hide the menu if you'd like, just like you could in the other one. A new feature that I will get into as well, that we didn't previously have on the kits, is a search feature. So you're able to search content within the entire digital kit. And it will take you to where that is located within the course. So that's something that we're really excited about as well, and something that had been asked for for quite a while. So that's, you know, a pretty significant upgrade at this point.

Patrick Nielsen 9:21

So yeah, I'll just kind of run you through some of the things that we'll be looking at today, as far as what is, you know, what is important for you to know within the digital kits. And one of the things that I wanted to start off with is the Notes feature. So you were able to take notes in the previous kit as well. But we'll run through that here real quick, as well. So let me just show you some of the pages in here real quick and you can kind of see what we're talking about. So for the Notes feature in here in the previous kit, you would see a little little tab that would come up off to the side where you would add your note. For our current kits, when you highlight text, you'll get the ability to add a note to anything that you highlight. So if I'm adding a note to this, I would say this is the first note I'm adding to this kit. And then I can Save my Note.

Patrick Nielsen 10:25

When I come back to that page, I'll always see that text highlighted. And then I can go into View my Note, which is, you know, it's -- you're able to see it right away, and it's available for you to look at. But when you come over to look at the Notes screen over here, or the Notes tab, you can see all the notes that you'll take within the course. And if you are on any other page within the course -- if I if I wanted to click on something in Team Conversations, but then go back and look at my notes. I could go into my notes and say, I want to see where I took this note at and go back to that page within the course. And I can go right back to where I took that note.

Patrick Nielsen 11:10

So the notes are a little bit more intuitive than what we had previously, where you would take it and it would just be associated with a block of text. You can decide where exactly you would like to take your note and where you would like to add it. And then from this notes tab, you're able to go back to wherever you took that note from and then go forward from there. So the notes are something that are a little different, but again, just something to be able to kind of walk through and a little bit, a little bit of an enhancement and a feature to kind of get used to as you go through this.

Patrick Nielsen 11:47

The next thing that I would probably walk you through is bookmarks. So every page within the course is going to have this little Bookmark icon up in the top corner here. And anytime you click on it, you're going to get the Save Bookmark feature that will come up here. And it'll tell you exactly, organization-wise, where you will find it within the course. And you can either add it to just your bookmarks. If you have all of your bookmarks in the same place, you can create a new folder and just say, you know, Strengths-Based Management. And then you can save that to your bookmarks.

Patrick Nielsen 12:31

Any page you bookmark as you're going through your kit will be saved with a green checkmark box there. But you can do that and instead of, you know, being able to look at it within a course, when you're on your dashboard, you'll be able to come to this Bookmarks tab. And the only time the Bookmarks tab comes up is if you actually have a bookmark page within the course. And you'll see that you have one bookmark page or I have one bookmark page within the course at this point, and I can go click on this View button and go right back in to the bookmarked page that I want to go look at. So it's not recommended that you would click on the link up here in the address bar and, and bookmark anything from your browser. You would want to use this Bookmark icon and the Bookmark functionality over here on the right side of the page to save any of the pages that you would like to bookmark. And it'll compile all of those, like I said, on the dashboard of your Learner Dashboard.

Austin Suellentrop 13:41

Patrick, I want to stop right there. I want to reiterate that point. From a usability perspective, I think it's a it's an important thing. We -- the built-in Bookmark feature in the kit is an absolutely better use of the functionality than trying to bookmark the actual page in your browser. I do know I got some feedback of people who struggle with the bookmarks not linking directly up to specific content. I think that's a good good callout -- the Bookmark feature inside for specific pages, not not your browser bookmark.

Patrick Nielsen 14:11

Yeah, so the only -- if you were to bookmark a page, it would be very difficult for you to get back into that specific page within a course or within a piece of content within these digital kits, unless you are already logged in, which, you know, just doesn't make it for a very easy way for you to do it. So, like Austin said, like how he helped reiterate, just make sure that if you, you know, have a page that you are, you know, completely dedicated to using and want to make sure that you always have saved, start using the Bookmark feature within the content and you will be set to go every time you go to the dashboard, you'll be able to get right back into it.

Patrick Nielsen 14:46

So great. Thank you, Austin, for bringing that up. I appreciate it. And like I you know, kind of probably glanced over before -- I apologize, but every time you see this Home button up here in the top left corner, it'll take you back to the home screen so that you can go back and look at all of your content that you have. Some people will have more content than others, depending on which course you obviously took or which -- which kits you have access to. So it obviously, everyone's Dashboard will look different, based on what they, what they already have access to.

Patrick Nielsen 15:21

So the next thing that I'll probably run through are the different page types that we have access to within the course. So one of the other things that we were able to do within the the new digital kits, within the new learning platform is add a little bit more interactivity to some of our pages. We tried to optimize the user experience as well, so that we didn't have a lot of long scrolling pages. We were able to just, you know, really tighten up the content. There's no loss of content in the migration from one platform to the next, but we were able to really optimize it and make it a better learner experience, add a little bit more functionality. So this is just something in here where if you see a list with these Expands, which you've probably seen many times throughout, you know, your use of the internet, we have these kind of hidden lists within here. And you're able to just bring up more information as you go.

Patrick Nielsen 16:17

So it's always a good idea to, as you're, you're searching for more information and more content to anytime you see one of these, make sure you expand those lists so that you get all the all the information that you could possibly want about anytime you see one of these list roles throughout the course so that you can expand and close as you go out, throughout everything. So that's that's one of the big ones as far as, again, just optimizing the content so that there's not a long, you know, level of scroll that you kind of have to go through. But it is one of those things that we're, you know, really happy with being able to do. So.

Patrick Nielsen 16:56

Then the next one that we have in here is ... Sorry, Strengths-Based Managers, High-Performance Managers. These are flip cards. So again, just a little bit more of an interactive way to kind of get through some of the content. So in our Leading High-Performance Teams, we talk about what high-performance managers need to do. So, you know, just off the top, we say you need to be Strengths-Based, Engagement-Focused, Performance-Oriented, and then we give more information on the back of the cards to say exactly what it means to be those things. So these flip cards, looking for this little icon to tell you that this is where the flip is going to occur, is a really important thing to keep your eye out for because that will give you just that, you know, extra bit of information that something is coming up. But it is something to kind of look out for so that you're really taking advantage of all of the information that is there in the long run. So just want to make sure, again, to kind of point that out to everybody. But it is another really interesting feature that we have for the kits here.

Patrick Nielsen 18:10

So the next thing would be our downloads that we have on the screen. So in this next one -- Great Managing Starts With You -- this is something that we did in the previous kits as well. So you were able to find the downloads on the page where we actually talk about the downloads, as opposed to just mentioning the downloads and then going into this downloadable resource section and searching for the right one or hopefully finding the right one.

Patrick Nielsen 18:42

So every time you see one of these gray boxes with a picture of what the download is, you're going to be able to go in and find the download and click on the Letter Version or the A4 Version and you have all of the, you know, all of the abilities to either download or print what you're looking for. If it is a PDF that should be writable, we have made all attempts to make all of our PDFs writable in that regard. So you have all of those on the page. And then in the library of Downloadable Resources, if you're someone who just wants to kind of scroll through and look at what resources are available, you have the ability to just kind of jump to this second section of the course and kind of look through and see exactly what we have available for resources just at any given time, as opposed to kind of going through all the content and searching for something, you can go through the Resources and search exactly for where you need to go. So generally, find them on the page where they're supposed to be found, but also in the entire section of Downloadable Resources to make sure that you're able to get exactly what you need.

Patrick Nielsen 19:54

So ... the next thing when it comes to interactivity is, again, we tried to make these just as engaging as we possibly could. But just try to make some of these things "pop" a little bit more on the screen. So when talking about things like The Sorting Effect here, for example, or you know, when you get into the strengths content, you'll see some other examples, but information that just comes at you in a different way. So, you know, click to reveal certain things, and make sure that you're able to get the content in a little bit more than just scrolling through and reading. So you'll always have the ability to kind of redo it. So if you come back to it, you'll be able to go through it again, but just looking for any way that we possibly can to make sure that, you know, we're being as engaging as possible.

Patrick Nielsen 20:48

Videos, you'll see videos throughout on the screen, throughout the digital kit as well. All of the videos are going to be captioned. So just if you're, you know, in need of that, make sure you take a look out for that generally in the corner of the screen, so it's always going to be available for you there. And if you need assistance or help with that, you can always email with anything if you need assistance there.

Patrick Nielsen 21:17

The next feature -- which I feel like is, like I said before at the very beginning, one of the things that we just had heard feedback on over and over again -- was a Search feature within the content. So up here in this Search bar as any other search feature would be, if you were looking to find something on Managing to Strengths within this kit, it will list it out if it's an entire page within the kit that is titled with something like that. I obviously knew there was one with that title, so I was able to go right through it, but also content within that that you would be able to find, so I would be able to just go straight to the page that has that result on there and make sure that I was able to, you know, find exactly what I'm looking for, you know.

Patrick Nielsen 22:08

Other keywords that you would be able to kind of look for -- if I was looking for Achiever, there's a page that would give me all of the information on Achiever, or at least looking at Achiever and kind of cycle through all of that. So the Search feature is something that is incredibly helpful and a huge addition to what we've done with the digital kits as well. And I know that that's something that has just been, you know, really helpful in the kits that we've done so far that we've already created on the platform as well.

Patrick Nielsen 22:43

So that kind of wraps up a lot of the main features and you know, functionality that I have. On the front page of every kit, there will be a quick video that will walk you through a lot of what I just described here today as well in this What's in Your Digital Kit page. And this will be included in all the strengths digital kits as well and as we go through and if there are more features added, we'll be able to add to this video or update the video. But if you, you know, have time and you want to just kind of walk through this video when you get access to your kit, this will be available to you to learn a little bit more about your kits.

Patrick Nielsen 23:28

So I just wanted to reiterate some of those dates that I brought up at the very beginning. On December 13, all of the digital kits -- this Leading High-Performance Teams digital kit and the Strengths digital kits will be live on Gallup Access. So we sent out the email on November 13. We've updated all courses that happened between November 13 and December 13 to let everybody know that, while you do still have access on or, which takes you to the same Digital Learning Center, on December 13, you are going to start getting access to Gallup Access courses and workbooks to go into your digital kits.

Patrick Nielsen 24:15

At the end of the year, on January -- or at the beginning of next year, on January 1 -- you will no longer be able to access the kits on December 31 is the last day you'll have to access that. So if you're, you know, looking for, you know, trying to be familiar with your old kit or looking for something that you know exactly where it is, you'll have till the end of the year to utilize your old digital kit. And then January 1, it will only be the digital kits on Gallup Access.

Patrick Nielsen 24:44

So just prepare for that complete transition. And we will be redirecting users from the Digital Learning Center link to the Gallup Access login at that point as well. So just in case anybody is, you know, not "in the know," we will have some things in there to make sure that everybody gets to where they need to go. And if there's any sort of confusion, we'll have that email address posted so everybody is aware of what is going on at this point. So ...

Jim Collison 25:20

Patrick, we have a bunch of questions.

Patrick Nielsen 25:22


Jim Collison 25:22

So let me roll through those. Let's start with DRM or Digital Rights Management that we have on these. On the old kits, we locked those down pretty tight, as far as what you could and couldn't export, copy and paste. I'm assuming, from a kit perspective, that's going to be the same. We're going to guard that content; copy and paste is not going to be enabled. You can't, you can't export that stuff out. One of the frustrating parts was the Notes, though, last time I think were locked down in some ways. Notes, if they're in there, can I copy and paste those back out, once I put them in or share them in any way?

Patrick Nielsen 25:54

Yes, you should be able to copy and paste them back out, but every note that you take will compile into one larger guide of notes, if you will. And you'll be able to print all of your notes out at any time that you would like.

Jim Collison 26:08

And then those bookmarks are super cool. If I was in an organization, say I have -- we have 15 coaches in an organization and they want to share certain spots in the kit to go to, is there a way to be able to do that where I can share a bookmark, as opposed just to a location?

Patrick Nielsen 26:25

No, unfortunately, not. That would still be a link. And like I said before, not to get too technical with it, you could share a link to someone and if they're logged into the system, they would be able to get right to it. It just becomes more difficult if people aren't logged in just getting into that.

Jim Collison 26:40

Right. But, but it's still -- that still would work.

Patrick Nielsen 26:43


Jim Collison 26:43

If I had a section I wanted to lead somebody to, I could copy and paste the link, send it to them, and then they would just need to log in and it would take them right to that spot. So those URLs are unique. You just have to be logged in to get past it.

Patrick Nielsen 26:56


Austin Suellentrop 26:56

And they would need to have access to that same kit. I think that's the important thing, right? So if I'm, if I'm coaching somebody, and there's a section in this kit that I want to share with them, if they haven't purchased the access to this digital kit, right, they're not going to be able to get that page.

Patrick Nielsen 27:12

That is correct.

Austin Suellentrop 27:12

I think that's that's a good distinction to make.

Patrick Nielsen 27:14


Jim Collison 27:16

Who owns the kit? This is not necessarily related to this, but when when an individual has -- goes to the training on part of an organization behalf, and they then leave that organization, does the kit move along with them? Is it assigned to them or assigned to the organization?

Austin Suellentrop 27:37

That's, that's going to be unique company to company.

Patrick Nielsen 27:39


Austin Suellentrop 27:40

Right. So I think that's a great question. You know, our certifications travel with the individual, right. So if you become a certified coach, our approach is you are a certified coach, your and so that is your personal certification. When it comes to account management, on sort of permissions and things along those lines. that is oftentimes handled company by company. If you have a specific situation, you can reach out to me directly. And I'd be happy to connect with you and look into it, particularly. So I'm always happy to talk to you about it.

Jim Collison 28:14

That was -- that was Amy's question, and a good one. That was almost a stumper!

Austin Suellentrop 28:19

It's unfortunately not a universally consistent answer. So that's what we need to make sure we we are specific about.

Jim Collison 28:25

Patrick, Ralph in the preshow had asked a little bit about translations and when those will be available in 2020. You want to talk a little bit about that?

Patrick Nielsen 28:32

Yes. So we are working right now to make sure that the interface for the learning area -- for the learning system can be translated in the beginning of 2020. So sometime in Quarter 1 of 2020, you'll be able to interface -- translate the interface. The rest of the content within the learning system, we are working to roll out throughout 2020, so there will be options for translated content as we go through 2020.

Jim Collison 29:03

And we'll we'll push those -- we'll advertise those dates just as we know them. So you'll probably want to stay tuned to our community updates. That's something Austin will probably update us on as we go throughout the year. When we have dates, we'll share them. Austin, you want to add anything to that?

Austin Suellentrop 29:16

Yeah. So we are remarkably mindful right now of internationalization needs with Access as a platform and with all of our Learn content. So if you think about all of the content we have from from the, you know, on-demand learning modules and things along those lines, the the features and functions of Access as a whole, internationalization is a priority. So the translations is a priority. These kits make up, you know, one section of that. So there is absolutely an active plan to bring more translations and more internationalization of our learning content, of which this is a plan throughout the year of 2020. So yes, they're coming; more details as we have them specifically.

Jim Collison 30:00

Patrick, what about in the app? So we have a lot of folks, you know, we've been rolling out this the Gallup Access app. And there's some folks who maybe want access to this on their phone. Will it be available in the app? Is there a plan? And if not, how accessible is this just through your phone from the website directly?

Unknown Speaker 30:18

This is available in the app. You can go to courses and workbooks in the Gallup Access mobile app and access this through that. We have designed this to be mobile-responsive, as well. So you should have a pretty good experience as you go through this when you are in the mobile app. You can also access it through the website on a mobile device as well.

Austin Suellentrop 30:43

Yeah, the iPad version is pretty slick. I'm not gonna lie. That's, that's, that's the version I prefer to use as I'm moving around doing my coaching -- the iPad version is my go-to.

Jim Collison 30:53

All right, maybe one of the most important questions of the day: What about the PowerPoint that nobody can ever find that I have to send them to? So we -- it hides in there a little bit because it -- for whatever reason, people can't find it. Will the PowerPoint be included in this and where would they find it?

Patrick Nielsen 31:10

So the PowerPoint will be included. We're not changing any of the resources from the previous kits to the kits as we update them. The biggest change in any of the content would just be the update in content as we would naturally update content, you know, as courses and content and, you know, things like that are updated. The, the PowerPoint that you're talking about will be included as well. We are doing, since that is one of the biggest pieces of feedback that we've gotten throughout our time with the digital kits, we are doing everything we can to make sure that that is front and center and easy to find within the kit. Granted, it is in the resources, but it's also found within the area. I would say that if you're someone who just always wants to find that PowerPoint deck, that you're going to want to go right to Downloadable Resources in that strengths kit and locate in that area.

Jim Collison 32:07

And you would just type in "Start With Talent" -- that will get you there.

Patrick Nielsen 32:10

Yeah. There you go. Absolutely! "Start With Talent" will absolutely find that in the search, which we did not have before. And that is the resource that generally people are looking for. So in the Search bar up here, if you type in "Start With Talent," you are going to get right there into every place in the kit that we talked about it.

Jim Collison 32:28

Austin -- thank you for doing that, by the way. That should save me -- at least once a month, I have to make a graphic, show. It does hide, just to be honest. It hides there. So just to be fair, just to be fair. Austin, a little little tricky and sticky question. Way back, when we first started doing this back in 2014, many people got paper kits and then we upgraded to digital kits, and this -- if folks have paper kits, are they going to get this? Are they going to get this, or where are we at with that?

Jim Collison 32:58

Patrick, Ralph is asking a question about search. The search, so if I go to Access, there's a Search bar there.

Austin Suellentrop 32:58

Yeah, so if you were like me, and when you went through your training, I went back through mine in 2012, right, and got, ah, big physical boxes full of material, you do not automatically get digital kits, right. So when we first introduced the digital kits, we ran a bit of a campaign for existing coaches on on being able to get access to purchase the digital kit. So the digital kits are available for purchase -- the new ones. They, they -- there will be a period where they go down and you can't buy them for a little bit as we get this all transferred and into the new store. So as a -- as certified coaches, then, you know, be on the lookout for us to be rolling more communication out when they are sort of up and running on the store if you want, if you don't currently have digital kits and you and you're interested. If you have -- already have access to digital kits, yes, this is what you'll get. So if you're currently using the digital kit platform, you'll automatically get moved into this this new section.

Patrick Nielsen 34:07


Jim Collison 34:07

Does that cover kits? Or do I need to go into the kits to find the materials there?

Patrick Nielsen 34:11

Yeah, that's a good question. You will have to go directly into the kits. And another nuance of that would be that if you have access to, let's say, when you go to ASC, and you get access to the three kits, you can't search in one and get content across all three, you're searching within the piece of content that you are live looking at at that time.

Jim Collison 34:32

Dig in on that. And that's a little bit if you -- if we included that at the highest level on Access, it may bring back materials, of course, folks don't have access to and some of the pieces right. That gets kind of complicated across that. So yeah, so a little complex and complicated on that one. Let's see, last -- I'll throw this out to the chat room -- last call for questions there. Austin, anything else you want to add?

Austin Suellentrop 34:55

No. Thank you, Patrick. I appreciate you taking the time to do this. To all of you on online, thank you for joining us. This is part of our continued commitment to making sure you know what's coming. It's making sure you know all the things you have access to inside of our platform, but also, to get your feedback and to get these questions is really helpful for us. So I continue to appreciate your involvement. I love that on a Monday at lunchtime, the kind of interaction we're getting with you all this week, when I think about Thanksgiving here in the States, I'm remarkably grateful for the people out there like you all who are continuing to to drive our movement globally. It's really exciting. So thank you for taking the time to be here. I'm good, Jim.

Jim Collison 35:37

Patrick, anything else you want to add after those questions?

Patrick Nielsen 35:41

Yeah, no, I -- just kind of to build off of one thing Austin said, when we do kind of pull the Strengths kits down from Shop here at the end of November, we're looking to not only add the kits that we're discussing here, those Strengths kits, but we have a lot more coming in that time that we're really excited about. So I'm sure that there will be a lot more communication around that, that you guys will all get, and we'll be looking forward to to that as well.

Jim Collison 36:10

So Austin, one more question from Ralph. Will we, when we roll out the language on the kits, will we do a similar rollout as to what we're doing right now for those languages?

Austin Suellentrop 36:20

Yeah, when we get it, when we get the internationalization of this content, we'll make sure we'll have dedicated airtime like this to show you how to access it, what it looks like, how it operates, the whole nine. So yes, Ralph, and I'll be leaning on you to help me figure out the best way to do that.

Jim Collison 36:35

And Patrick, as we roll this thing out, I mean, this is going to be as close to perfect as possible. But if folks are having problems or questions or those kinds of things, what's the best way for them to connect to us to get those problems resolved?

Patrick Nielsen 36:49

Yeah, I would say that the best way to connect would be to email that email inbox. That would be probably one of the best ways to do it. If you're having issues once you start getting into Gallup Access with your account, our client support team will be able to assist with that really well. Better than that galluplearn email inbox. But any questions you have on accessing your kits, the content within there, navigating all of those, you know, features, things like that: the email address will be able to address all of those things.

Jim Collison 37:25

Super, super. All right. Well, with that we'll remind everyone to take full advantages of all the resources we have available on the new Gallup Access platform. Just go to Send us your questions or comments. If you can't remember anything, just remember, and we will email you back. If you can catch the recorded audio and video of this program as well as all the past past ones that we've done, you can find them on YouTube, just go to YouTube and search "CliftonStrengths." You can get the live channel by searching Gallup Webcasts. Or if you want to do this via podcast, you can go to any podcast player and search Gallup Webcasts, and that will get you there as well. If you're interested in any of the training that we talked a little bit about that -- speaking of that, Patrick, so I've always said, go to for training resources going forward and scheduling. I don't know, what's the new address for folks that want to see what training is? Do we know? There's a surprise! Austin, do you know?

Austin Suellentrop 37:27

Yeah, is still still the place to go. That's what we'll be linking everybody from. So more to come as we move that.

Jim Collison 38:30

The training? OK, I stumped them! Ha, yes!

Austin Suellentrop 38:32

You can't be throwing us curveballs as we're closing out the session!

Jim Collison 38:34

Sorry, it's just in my script. It's what I have to read. Of course, you can join us on Facebook: We do again want to thank everyone for coming out on this Monday to be a part of it. Great questions. With that, we'll say, Goodbye, everybody.

Austin Suellentrop's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Communication, Activator, Futuristic, Belief and Positivity.

Patrick Nielsen's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Achiever, Belief, Command, Self-Assurance and Arranger.

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