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Who we are

We're a global analytics and advice firm that helps leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems.


We know more about the will of employees, customers, students and citizens than anyone in the world.

We know what matters most to them at work and in life and how those priorities change over time.

And we use that knowledge to create transformation.

"Gallup is truly an island of independence -- it possesses a credibility and trust that hardly any institution has. A reputation for impartial, fair, honest and superb work."

-Chuck Hagel
Former U.S. Secretary of Defense

Our work empowers and influences people all over the world.

of Fortune 500 companies use CliftonStrengths

35 million
respondents in Gallup's employee engagement database

years of data collection experience

20+ million
people who have taken the CliftonStrengths assessment

of the world's population represented by the World Poll

countries with data in the Gallup Analytics database


Our core values influence everything we do.

Focus on Talent

From our hiring analytics process to the CliftonStrengths assessment, we believe that people should be able to do what they do best, every day.

Mission-Driven Work

We use data to drive decisions and make a difference across the world, in workplaces, marketplaces, classrooms and societies.

World-Class Managers

Managers are the key to a high-achieving company. We help you find and create them -- and give them the best tools to do their jobs.

Growth & Development

Growing employees are high-performing employees. That's why we offer development, resources and training from leaders to managers to individual contributors.

Our Culture

We build exceptional workplaces, starting with our own.

When you partner with Gallup, you partner with a team that brings the energy of a great job and great life to their work with you.

As one of the most engaged organizations in the world, we practice what we preach. With a focus on talent, mission-driven work, world-class managers and strengths-based development, our culture is unparalleled.

Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award

Recognizing companies for their ability to create an extraordinary workplace culture.

With all the disruption in today's workforce, the most successful companies know that the secret to unlocking world-class performance lies in maximizing the potential of every single team member.

The Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award honors organizations that foster a highly engaged workforce by focusing on all elements of exceptional workplaces.

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