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Coach people to create economic energy where none existed before.

Entrepreneurs -- or builders -- have unique talents that are crucial for starting, growing and sustaining thriving businesses. Enroll in the Coaching Builder Talents course to learn skills and strategies to support the development of builders in your community.

Course Details

Course Name
Coaching Builder Talents
Virtual Course: 2 days, instructor led
  • Participants take BP10 assessment
  • Participants ask someone to take the BP10 assessment
  • Participants schedule that person for BP10 coaching call on Day Two
Day One (8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)
  • The Importance of Builders and the Need for Builder Talents Coaches
  • The 10 Talents of Successful Builders
  • The Builder Profile 10: Assessment and Report
  • Recognizing Builder Talents (Part I)
  • Coaching Conversations Practice
Day Two (8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)
  • Recognizing Builder Talents (Part II)
  • Coaching Challenges
  • Builder Profile vs. CliftonStrengths
  • Building Effective Relationships
  • Individual Coaching Call
  • Strategies for Using BP10 With Teams
  • Fostering a Culture of Business Building in Your Community

A Post-Course One-On-One Coaching Conversation With a Professional Gallup Coach

*Course agenda subject to change
  • Coaching Builder Talents Resource Binder:
    • The Importance of Builders Resource
    • The 10 Talents of Successful Builders Coaching Resource Guide
    • Discover Your Builder Talents Workshop Facilitator Guide
    • Discover Your Builder Talents Workshop Participant Workbook
    • BP10 Quick Reference Card
    • Coaching Builder Talents Coaching Conversations Guide
    • Builder Profile Team Tool
    • Builder Profile 10 Frequently Asked Questions Document
    • Coaching Builder Talents Recommended Reading List
    • Coaching Builder Talents Resources for Coaches USB
  • BP10 Talent Insights Card Deck
  • Coaching Builders Talents Commitment Card
Participants who successfully complete this course can earn professional credit hours from ICF (14.5 hours), HRCI (14.5 hours) and SHRM (14.5).
About the Course

What is the Coaching Builder Talents course?

Gallup has discovered the rare talents of the most successful "builders," people who are entrepreneurs in the broadest sense. Based on a study of more than 4,000 builders, Gallup identified 10 talents business builders use to start and grow ventures with economic value.

The Coaching Builder Talents course gives you what you need to support current and future builders in understanding their talents. With your expert coaching, builders can develop and direct their builder talents to achieve greater effectiveness and success.

Course Flyer
Course Content

What You'll Learn

In the Coaching Builder Talents course, you'll learn to lead powerful coaching sessions to help others discover, develop and direct their builder talents. You will get insights into the rare talents that successful builders possess and how to coach builders to start, grow and sustain successful businesses.

During this course, you will learn how to:

  • understand and develop the 10 builder talents discovered by Gallup scientists
  • help people use their builder talents to achieve greater effectiveness and success
  • deliver effective coaching conversations to help individuals understand, develop and apply their builder talents
  • lead a Builder Talents workshop in your community
Take Credit for Your Development

What You'll Earn

Professional Credit Hours

When you develop as a professional, you should get credit. The Coaching Builder Talents course counts toward continuing education and recertification requirements for many professional organizations.

Earn profession credit hours from ICF (14.5 hours), HRCI (14.5 hours) and SHRM (14.5) for completing this course.

Learn More about Professional Credit Hours
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What You'll Receive

Get the essential resources you need.

You'll get a collection of coaching resources when you take this course. They're dense and actionable. Read them, discuss them and coach from them long after you've completed the course.

Included in Course
Materials included in the Coaching Builder Talents Resource binder.

Coaching Builder Talents Resource Binder

The binder holds the resources you need to have great coaching conversations with builders and lead a Builder Talents workshop in your community. Upgrade your coaching with the tools, guides and resources in this course.

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