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Gallup virtual learning is about you.

We bring personal and professional transformation to you -- wherever you are. Designed for the modern, fast-paced professional, our virtual learning is live, interactive and immersive. In a Gallup virtual experience, we guide your learning every step of the way.


Listen to learners like you.


What is it like to attend Gallup virtual learning?

Learn from expert instructors.
From the moment a course begins, your instructors will be there to guide you. They're experts in the field who dedicate themselves to your development.

Make new connections.
With Gallup, you'll learn alongside others even if you're miles apart. You will see, talk to and learn about your classmates in real time, creating social connections that last.

Join a virtual classroom.
When you attend a Gallup virtual learning event, you join others in a virtual classroom. A virtual classroom is a space that supports interaction, experiential learning and exists as a place of purpose.


Are you feeling uneasy about taking a virtual course?

If this is your first time taking a virtual course with Gallup, you may be wondering:

What if I mess up my technology?
If you do, we'll help.

Will I stare silently at my screen all day?
Not a chance. Our virtual courses buzz with mental and social activity.

Will a virtual course be too difficult for me?
We don't aim for difficulty. We aim for your transformation. If you get stuck or lost, we'll get you back on track.

With Gallup virtual learning, your technology will fade to the background, and the whole of you will come forward.


What You Will Need to Participate

To participate in Gallup's virtual courses, you will need:

  • computer (Mac or PC)
  • high-speed internet (wired or Wi-Fi)
  • webcam
  • headset with microphone
Group of screenshots including Q12 employee engagement learning module and employee engagement survey reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Gallup's virtual, instructor-led courses are interactive and engaging. We use an industry-leading videoconferencing application to ensure that you have the best interactive course experience. To take a virtual course, you need to be able to connect via video with a good audio connection. You can join a virtual course through most devices, including a laptop, desktop, iPad, Surface or cellphone. If you use your cellphone, you can participate in the entire experience -- including breakout rooms and polls -- by downloading the meetings app on your phone.

Yes, you can use the built-in camera and internal microphone on your laptop or phone to join the video. To reduce external noise, we recommend a standard USB headset or earbud-microphone combo set.

No. If this is your first Gallup virtual course, the system may prompt you to download the conferencing app to get full access to all course features such as breakout rooms. In most cases, you will only need to click a link in the invitation to access the course.

The minimum bandwidth is 600 kbps (upload/download), and the recommended is 1.5 Mbps (upload/download). To check your internet speed, visit this page.

To maximize your bandwidth and connection stability during the course, we recommend the following:

  • Restart your computer before launching the conferencing software invitation.
  • Open only essential programs.
  • Hardwire your computer to your router. If that's not possible, and you need to use a wireless connection, the closer you can be to your router the better.
  • If possible, power off ALL other household devices -- in use or not -- that could be using your router's bandwidth, including gaming and streaming systems/networks.

A Gallup virtual course is much more than just a webinar. Through a combination of live video calls and independent learning assignments, you'll integrate new tools and discoveries into your everyday life right away.

For example, a day in one of Gallup's most popular virtual courses begins with a live video call. You'll meet a new network of instructors and classmates and work together with full video, audio and interactive functionality such as chat and breakout conversations. During an extended lunch break, your instructors will assign you a selection of podcasts, articles or online tools to explore.

Gallup's accomplished course leaders are successful in the workplace and the classroom. You'll get to know these instructors who bring Gallup's science and research to life through practical tools and meaningful interaction. When you learn outside the walls of a physical classroom, the possibilities to change, grow and become even stronger are endless.


Explore a few of our virtual courses.

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