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Joyce Meng, M.S.

Joyce Meng, M.S.

Ontario, Canada

Coaching Expertise: Career, Education, Executive Coaching, Families, Leadership, Life Coaching, Personal Development, Small Business/Entrepreneurs, Students/Youth, Teams, Wellbeing, Women, LGBTQ, Keynotes, Non-Profit Organizations

Coaching Availability: Is accepting new clients

Coaching Method: Coaching Packages, Corporate Training Programs (e.g. Your Location), In Person, Individual (In-Person, Phone or Zoom), Keynote Speaker, Online Video Conference (e.g. Zoom), Seminars & Retreats, Workshops

Coaching Language: English (USA)

About Joyce Meng, M.S.

Welcome to a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth! As an experienced life coach with a proven track record of four years in the field, I am here to guide you toward unlocking your true potential and achieving unparalleled success.

Drawing from my extensive expertise, I specialize in using the transformative power of CliftonStrengths to empower individuals, organizations, and teams alike. With a deep understanding of the unique strengths that make each person extraordinary, I am dedicated to helping you harness your innate talents and unleash them for maximum impact.

My coaching journey has been enriched by collaborating with diverse organizations and teams, where I have witnessed firsthand the profound positive changes that can occur when individuals embrace their strengths and work together synergistically. Through my experiences, I have honed my ability to identify and develop the strengths within each person, fostering a sense of empowerment, purpose, and fulfillment.

In our coaching sessions, I will draw upon my strengths of Connectedness, Strategic, Futuristic, Empathy, and Analytical to create a transformative and dynamic experience. Together, we will explore your unique gifts, passions, and aspirations, guiding you to craft a clear vision for your future and design actionable steps to bring that vision to life.

My coaching approach is rooted in empathy, creating a safe and compassionate space for you to explore your innermost thoughts and feelings. Through genuine understanding and support, we will navigate any obstacles that may arise, fostering a sense of trust and motivation throughout your journey of growth.

Whether you're seeking personal development, career advancement, or improved team dynamics, I am committed to providing personalized guidance and strategies tailored to your specific needs. With my strategic expertise, we will chart a course for your success and equip you with the tools and mindset needed to achieve your goals.

Together, we will embark on a transformational adventure, unleashing your true potential and embracing a future filled with purpose, passion, and fulfillment. It's time to elevate your life and thrive in every aspect. Let's take this incredible journey together!

Connectedness | Strategic | Futuristic | Empathy | Analytical