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Alexey Baranov

Alexey Baranov

Moscow, Russian Federation
Yerevan, Armenia
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Coaching Expertise: Career, Executive Coaching, Keynotes, Leadership, Personal Development, Teams, Education, Life Coaching, Managers, Small Business/Entrepreneurs, Women, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Sales, Technology

Coaching Availability: Is accepting new clients

Coaching Method: Coaching Packages, Corporate Training Programs (e.g. Your Location), In Person, Individual (In-Person, Phone or Zoom), Keynote Speaker, Online Video Conference (e.g. Zoom), Seminars & Retreats, Workshops

Coaching Language: English (USA), Русский

About Alexey Baranov

Let me help you unlock the full potential of your team. My name is Alexey Baranov, an Executive Coach with a focus on applying Gallup Clifton Strengths to improve team dynamics and foster growth. I've had the privilege of leading more than 170 corporate programs and conducting over 500 individual sessions each year, making me a committed partner for those looking to achieve significant transformations in their teams. Since becoming certified in 2018, I've made it a priority to keep my skills sharp and up-to-date, ensuring I can offer the most current and effective strategies in coaching.


As a columnist for Forbes, VC, Rusbase, and RBK, I aim to provide valuable insights into leadership, team management, and the practical use of strengths to boost work performance and manage energy more efficiently. My writing reflects a deep understanding and a thoughtful approach to executive coaching.


Using Gallup Clifton Strengths, I've seen firsthand the positive changes that can happen within teams, such as quickly forming high-functioning CEO-1 teams, resolving team conflicts by emphasizing each member's unique strengths, conducting thorough evaluations to understand a team's core capabilities, and designing customized development plans that address both strengths and areas needing improvement.


I offer both team and individual coaching, adaptable to either online or offline settings, and have worked with reputable organizations like MARS, BAYER, Raiffeisen, Yandex, Avito, Vk, SBER, and CIAN. This experience has helped build a foundation of trust and proven the effectiveness of my coaching approach.


My toolkit includes Executive Coaching, Gallup Strengths Coaching, Team Coaching, and WingWave Coaching/EMDR, providing a holistic approach tailored to meet specific needs. My services range from coaching based on Gallup Clifton Strengths to conducting strategic/product/foresight sessions, developing and implementing corporate missions and values, team building, and managing energy for both leaders and their teams.


Join me in a journey toward growth and excellence. Learn more about how we can enhance your team's dynamics and realize their true potential at You can also connect with me on Instagram (@gallupcoach) and Facebook ( for the latest updates and insights. Contact me today to start a path towards success and fulfillment with coaching that brings out your strengths.


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