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Andrew Webb

Andrew Webb

Utah, United States of America

コーチングの専門知識: Small Business/Entrepreneurs

コーチングの予約状況 Is accepting new clients

コーチングの手法: In Person, Online Video Conference (e.g. Zoom), Phone

コーチングの言語: Português (Brasil), Español europeo

Andrew Webb について

Simply put, I love entrepreneurism and the chance to improve personal lives by building effective organizations. I have launched and sold a number of start-ups in diverse industries including retail, agriculture, real estate and even toys! All of these experiences give me a grounded and realistic approach to coaching. Experience, after all, is a profound teacher.  

My top five strengths are in the Strategic Thinking domain so it comes as no surprise that I love to absorb information, reflect and find ways to improve. I use these talents for growth strategies, product development, sales and experience design.  

I am currently a co-founder at Q Works, training company that fosters inspired thinking and problem solving. In the past, I have been a public speaker for a number of organizations in personal development, team work, management training and curriculum development. I earned a bachelor’s degree in American History from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Case Western Reserve in Cleveland.  

I love being with my wife and two children at home. I also love horses and the western lifestyle--and if you are lucky, I may tell you one of a thousand stories about my horse.