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Creating a Workplace Culture that Fosters Psychosocial Safety

Webinar Details
Date & Time
June 06, 2024 | 12:00 PM Eastern Australia Time
45 minutes
About the Webinar

Australian workplaces are suffering from declining psychosocial health and safety, exposing employees to verbal harassment or abuse and even physical violence at work. Nearly half of the country’s workforce experienced workplace bullying, harassment, or discrimination in 2023, according to an Australian Workers Union (AWU) study. Not only is this having a devastating impact on employee mental health, but mental health injuries now cost the Australian economy an estimated A$12.2 billion annually. 

Could poor psychosocial safety in the workplace also be undermining Australians’ overall wellbeing? The 2023 UN World Happiness Index shows that Australians’ three-year average life evaluation  happiness ranking has remained unchanged since 2020. Gallup’s 2023 State of the Global Workplace report shows that nearly half of Australia’s workforce feels stressed much of the day.

Psychosocial health is defined as the physical, mental, and social state of a person. Employees subjected to workplace cultures offering poor psychosocial health and safety are at greater risk of suffering from psychological injury due to the stress of working in such an environment.

In this webinar, Gallup workplace specialists will share research and insights on the state of psychosocial health and safety and provide practical advice for organisational leaders on how to assess their culture to identify psychosocial safety risks and take action to reduce them. 

You will learn:

  • The importance of culture in psychosocial health and safety, and how organisations can assess and evaluate cultural risk factors in the workplace.
  • Advice for leaders and managers on how to create safe and thriving workplaces.
  • How to track and monitor your organisation’s culture as an asset, and scan for risk. 

The Speakers
Claire de Carteret
Managing Director, Workplace Advisory APAC
Allan Watkinson

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