Gallup's learning curriculum empowers organizations to survive and win in the competitive global environment. Gallup differentiates itself from all other learning organizations using its advanced sciences for maximizing the potential of every single individual.

Gallup's philosophy for learning and development is different. We give employees a new way to look at themselves through dynamic, research-based insights. This lays the groundwork for fundamental, lasting change for both the individual and the organization. Our world-class curriculum drives newfound performance and increases organic growth by maximizing human capital and aligning with all business outcomes.

Those who enroll in Gallup's learning programs never approach work in the same way again. After participating in one of our learning sessions, we promise that employees will:

  • learn everything that matters to employees in a workplace and in an organization's culture
  • gain a greater sense of mastery at work, through development of their unique strengths
  • experience a new confidence to act with clarity and focus
  • establish a new mindset to lead and manage, driving world-class performance for themselves, their teams, and their companies
  • experience greater effectiveness as they apply new strategies and techniques to become more productive and efficient in their everyday jobs

As a leader in behavioral economics and analytics, Gallup's approach to workplace education is based on 80 years of study into the role that human nature plays in just about everything.

Gallup Knowledge: