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As employee burnout and negative emotions reach record levels, employers are looking for solutions. Can less work decrease workplace stress?

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Last year was filled with learning and challenges -- yet there was growth amid setbacks. Here's what we discovered.

What is contributing to the burnout gender gap, and what can we do to help?

Three ways for leaders to halt this worrying trend.

A snapshot of global workplace trends: Here's what we know about employee stress, engagement and wellbeing in U.S. and Canada.

CHRO Dr. Daniela Seabrook, a trained psychologist, discusses how Philips is emphasizing openness about mental health for a future-ready workforce.

Learn what's top of mind for 150 of the world's leading CHROs in 2021, from employee performance and burnout to leadership compassion and trust.

Your organization's purpose and core competencies can help clarify priorities to keep employees hitting goals and avoiding burnout.

Fewer German employees are confident that their employer cares about their wellbeing -- a trend that negatively affects business outcomes.

Learn how to spot employee burnout signs and symptoms. Help your teams manage stress and anxiety while producing great work.

Following over a decade of steady growth, the employee engagement rate has declined alarmingly. Learn how crisis conditions have influenced this.

New data show a drop in employees' feelings of preparedness and trust in leadership during the prolonged disruption of the coronavirus pandemic.

Healthcare leaders can get the most out of team huddles by asking these seven questions.

Nearly eight in 10 employees experience burnout on the job at least sometimes. Learn how managers can help prevent this.

Leaders must do everything in their power to support their employees, and lessons from Gallup research conducted in Japan can help.

Learn four ways to help managers focus on their teams without dropping the ball on their other responsibilities.

You can't hide from burnout. But you can handle it. Learn how.