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Mapping the Careers of the Future in theUnited Kingdom, France and Germany

Choosing a career is a complex decision with which many young people struggle. That's why Gallup has partnered with Amazon Future Engineer to create the Careers of the Future Index (CFI). The index provides young adults and their advisers with transparent, useful data about the economic prospects of careers in the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

The goal is to highlight careers that both pay well and are likely to be available to applicants -- now and in the future. The CFI combines the most recent career-level data on four key job attributes -- income, job growth, job vacancies per worker and capacity to withstand automation -- to convey the economic strengths and weaknesses of various career paths.

High CFI scores generally indicate greater pay, a large and growing level of job openings, and/or better prospects that the job will remain viable in the future amid technological change.

Download the report to learn more about what the Careers of the Future will be in these three European countries and visit our interactive pages to explore careers or download the database.

Mapping the Careers of the Future in the United Kingdom, France and Germany report coverDownload the full report in your language Report in EnglishDownload Now Report in GermanDownload Now Report in French - Coming Soon

Explore Interactive Data

Visit the interactive pages for each of the countries below to learn more about the top careers and to explore data on income, job growth, job vacancies and capacity to withstand automation.

1/3 job vacancies in Germany, and one-quarter of job vacancies in the U.K., have the need for IT skills.
66% of U.K. youth who do not speak English at home cannot name a career aspiration, compared with 33% of youth who do speak English at home.
49% of 15-year-olds in Germany cannot name a career when asked what career they expect to have at age 30.

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