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Called to Coach

Learn about Catalyst and how this program can move entrepreneurs with strengths, engagement and wellbeing products toward partnering with Gallup.

Called to Coach

Learn how CliftonStrengths is bringing greater confidence and change to employees and students in India.

Called to Coach

Strengths coaches are entrepreneurs. Learn from an experienced coach how to develop your unique niche in coaching and help your coaching business endure.

Learn from an author, entrepreneur and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach how a focus on your strengths can build resilience in your life and work.

Leaders can improve the odds of a successful digital transformation with eight strategic steps.

Learn three ways venture capitalists can drive investment success with a strengths-based approach.

Learn about building business ecosystems that will support those with limited access to entrepreneurial resources, including rural communities and communities of color.

Learn about recent Gallup research into builder talent diversity on teams and how the findings point to improved business outcomes for more diversely talented teams.

Learn how to radically improve early-stage startups' odds of success -- including what Gallup's BP10 can do -- from someone who has made that her life's mission.

Learn how an entrepreneur and coach helps organizations foster growth and success through prudent use of team BP10 and CliftonStrengths talent in key roles.

Gain insights on workers and the workplace from a former cardiologist who coaches and leads CrossFirst Bank's CliftonStrengths, engagement and wellbeing initiatives.

Learn how a passionate advocate for young people works with schools and organizations -- using Gallup's BP10 -- to encourage students with entrepreneurial talents.

Gallup Podcast

Listen as a woman entrepreneur shares how she uses CliftonStrengths to empower women to take control of their businesses, their coaching and their lives.

Learn how two ambitious entrepreneurs are using Gallup's BP10 and mentorship to develop builders of all ages -- and a vision for flourishing -- in their city.

Nothing works in an organization without great managers, says Gallup Chairman Jim Clifton, coauthor of the newly released book It's the Manager.

Who are the young builders in your community, and how can you keep them and attract others to your community? Find out in this Gallup BP10 Update.

Learn how to become a better entrepreneur through awareness of your blind spots and leveraging talents, yours and others', in this Gallup BP10 Update.