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by Jim Clifton

Nothing works in an organization without great managers, says Gallup Chairman Jim Clifton, coauthor of the newly released book It's the Manager.

Companies can turn ideas into customers by focusing less on cultivating innovations and more on developing builders.

GCC economies need private sector jobs to grow, but workers don't want them. What will it take to get workers off the government books?

Discover how to build a thriving business or a nonprofit that will change your life, your career -- and the world.

Born to Build lets you discover your builder talents and teaches you how to build a thriving startup, a winning team, new customers and a great life.

To build a highly talented workforce, companies need a compelling employee value proposition.

Employers believe that college graduates aren't developing the skills needed for the 21st-century workplace. Millennials agree.

26% Worldwide Employed Full Time for Employer

One-quarter of U.S. adults say they've considered becoming a business owner but decided not to. Learn how to remove barriers to entrepreneurship.

Studies clearly show that business-building talent affects behaviors that in turn influence entrepreneurial outcomes.

There's no shortage of innovative ideas in the U.S. What the country really needs is more entrepreneurs starting new businesses.