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Explore Gallup's research.

Go beyond manager training. Develop managers to support organic growth.

Gallup measures U.S. employees' perceptions of leadership, management and their experiences related to performance management in their organization.

Gallup has made a long-term commitment to studying diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Here's our latest perspective.

Use lessons from top performers to upskill your team management and focus your development in an unpredictable environment.

Reskill your managers to chaos-proof your teams.

Learn what it's really like to be a manager today and how to improve the role so every employee can benefit.

Make these efficient and effective conversations part of your employee retention strategy.

Before rushing to build team and employee wellbeing, managers should first take steps to bolster their own resilience.

Whether your employees are hybrid, remote or in-person, better communication begins with three basic elements.

There's no perfect definition for what the future of work will be, but we know the best way to start is with flexibility.

Julio Lopez of The Palace Group -- named 2021 Manager of the Year by Gallup -- uses development to turn work from a chore to a learning opportunity.

Your top CliftonStrengths -- the things you naturally do best -- can help you manage better, meet your goals and improve your team's success.

To bring remote workers back to work in the office, ask yourself, "What's our workplace value proposition?"

Understanding Black women's double minority status at work is a necessary part of building inclusive and equitable workplaces.

Give your conflict resolution skills a boost with CliftonStrengths.

The benefits of individual employee recognition are well known. Learn what happens when you start recognizing employees on the team level.

In the changing workplace, a manager's role is far more than supervisory. Is your organization underinvesting in their leadership development?

From onboarding to performance management (and even employee wellbeing), your employee experience strategy should drive performance.

Gallup data find five variables giving the millennial generation a boost during COVID-19 that can help leaders keep them engaged after the crisis.