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Succession Planning

Take a scientific approach to identifying, selecting and developing your future leaders.

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What does your organization base its succession planning decisions on?

Many organizations make highly subjective and biased decisions about leadership ability when succession planning. These decisions often result in an imbalance in the range and depth of talent within an organization, hindering its ability to innovate and create sustainable growth.

Gallup helps you create a winning succession plan based on a scientific, systematic process and modeled on what the best leaders do differently. We take a holistic and data-driven view of your talent pipeline, assessing your current talent levels and ensuring you can maintain or raise those levels through your hiring, promotion and development decisions.

Our strategic approach enables you to build capabilities and leadership strength. Once you understand where your talent needs fall, we work with you to pinpoint and hire the best candidates and start them on a powerful development path.

More than 50,000 leaders assessed in countless roles

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More than 450studies conducted on developing talent-based leadership solutions

70+ years of helping organizations identify leadership talent

Ensure every leadership position is filled, now and into the future.

Determine their readiness -- and yours.

Gallup's succession planning solutions help you understand what leadership excellence looks like and how to find and develop candidates with the right potential and readiness to become your next-in-line leaders.

Talent positioning. Gallup takes a thorough look at your organization to determine your current levels of talent in different leadership roles. We assess your existing capabilities, collect available performance metrics and build benchmark reports.

Talent identification. Gallup's Leadership Interviews offer an objective, systematic approach to identifying leadership potential. They are designed to measure an individual's degree of talent in critical leadership dimensions.

Key experience review. Gallup's Key Experience Review reveals a prospective leader's readiness to assume the responsibilities of the job based on their experiences in six critical areas.

Focused development. We accelerate the development of your high potentials by helping them identify and build their strengths and gain important experiences. We also pair these individuals with expert coaches who work closely with them to prepare for the next stage of their career.

Create a winning succession plan.

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