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Attract & Hire Top Talent

Gallup positions you to attract and hire more of your ideal employee. We leverage predictive analytics and our ongoing study of high performers to ensure you find candidates who are the right fit for your roles and organization.

The Challenge

Standing out in the crowd.

Do employees want what your organization is "selling"?

When it comes to the job market, employees realize that they have options and are poised to take advantage of them. Gallup has found that more than half of employees (51%) say they are actively looking for a different job or watching for openings.

The way employees search for, evaluate, compare and apply for jobs has changed, giving them greater control and the ability to "shop around" for the roles and organizations that best meet their needs. Today's job market is a candidate's market. Your recruiting and hiring process has to equip you to compete.

Our Approach

Find the right fit.

Gallup works with you to design differentiated people strategies. The employee experience starts with the candidate experience. We ensure yours stands out from the get-go.

We help you understand what matters most to your ideal candidates so you can distinguish yourself as an employer and target your messaging to them. You speak directly and persuasively to job seekers who would excel with your organization and thrive in your culture.

Once you have candidates in your pipeline, we provide a powerful hiring assessment that pinpoints the candidate's greatest areas of talent. Our core and custom assessments provide hiring managers with a clear indication of a candidate's potential.

Our Solutions

Drive excellence.

Gallup's attraction and hiring solutions raise your organization's overall level of talent and performance by finding and revealing the right potential.

Employment Brand & Employee Value Proposition

Craft authentic, compelling and unique messaging that draws candidates to you. Gallup studies your top performers and your culture to help you develop an employment brand and EVP that speaks directly to your ideal employee.

Analytics-Based Hiring

Take a data-driven approach to hiring top performers. Gallup combines predictive analytics with our in-depth understanding of talent to ensure every hiring decision is the best decision.

Differentiate your attraction and hiring approaches.

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