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Hire and Develop Managers Who People Want to Work For

The largest variable in employee engagement, performance and well-being? Managers. The role that companies most often fill with the wrong people? Managers.

You can't afford to not have great managers, and we can help you find and develop them.


Are your managers delivering purpose or just a paycheck?

Today's employees want purpose, growth and the opportunity to do what they do best every day.

If managers don't make that possible, people are more likely than ever to put a half-hearted effort into their work -- or leave.

Great managers:

  • motivate every employee with a compelling mission and vision
  • assert themselves to overcome adversity and resistance
  • create clear accountability
  • build relationships based on trust, dialogue and transparency
  • make decisions based on productivity, not politics

Leaders and managers who have these qualities bring out the best employee performance and produce better business results.

variance in employee engagement caused by managers

1 in 2
employees who have left their job to get away from their manager

employees who strongly agree that their manager involves them in goal setting


Put excellent people in your most important roles.

We use advanced analytics and talent identification to help you find talented leaders within your workforce or hire them from the outside.

We also offer strengths building, coaching and courses for managers and leaders as part of the larger strategy.

Manager & Team Leader Development

Hire and promote individuals with the right talent for management, and develop managers at all levels.

Leadership Development

Identify your current and future leaders' natural talents and coach them to success.

Succession Planning

Build your leadership pipeline through a data-driven approach to succession planning.


The world has changed. So should your managers.

One of the world's most serious problems -- declining global productivity and human development -- can be fixed in just five to 10 years not by politics and policies, but by CEOs and CHROs.

We know what influences employees' decisions, engagement and performance in today's changing workplace.

And we know what the most successful leaders and managers need to do to inspire greatness.


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Improve management to improve business results -- starting today.

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