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World Poll

What If You Were the Leading Source?

The Gallup World Poll has become an indispensable tool for global thought leaders and decision-makers.

In The Media

Start a global conversation.

Our insights inform media stories and thought leadership all over the world. We can help get people talking about your project.

Who It's For

You're in good company.

The Gallup World Poll exists to help change the world by finding out what each of the world's 7 billion+ citizens think, feel and desire. And we're the only ones in the world who can reach every person on the planet.

We partner with Fortune 500 companies, foundations and think tanks to help them become thought leaders on the key issues that affect their industries and our global societies.

What We Research

What's in the World Poll?

From happiness to financial inclusion to modern slavery to your custom questions, we get the data on every subject that matters.

Business and Economics
  • Confidence in Financial Institutions
  • Climate for Starting a Business
  • Feelings About Household Income
Government and Politics
  • Approval of Country's Leadership
  • Approval of World's Leadership
  • Confidence in National Government
  • Confidence in the Honesty of Elections
  • Satisfaction With the Availability of Quality Healthcare
  • Feel Well-Rested
  • Health Problems
  • Experienced Physical Pain Yesterday

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Featured Insights

Together, we influence lives. Read the stories.

How We Help You

We go beyond data collection.

Partner with us from the idea phase of your project through analyzing and publicizing your results.

Survey Design & Data Collection

  • Stakeholder interviews to shape survey content
  • Custom questionnaire design
  • Translations into local languages
  • Cognitive interviews to test questions
  • Focus groups
  • Question pre-tests
  • Representative samples
  • Training interviewers
  • Conducting the survey
  • Validity and quality checks

Data Analysis & Advisory Services

  • Content development: reports, articles, blogs, white papers and more
  • Consulting and advisory services about the data
  • Consultation about a public release strategy to publicize findings
  • Comprehensive review and advice about improving previously designed surveys
Featured Product

Gallup Analytics

Search, analyze and export data for your research project using Gallup's proprietary database.

Gallup Analytics houses nearly 12 years of international data from more than 160 countries.

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