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To Be the Best, Surround Yourself With the Best

To Be the Best, Surround Yourself With the Best

by Jessica Buono
To Be the Best, Surround Yourself With the Best

When I first started working at Gallup as a creative writer, I had little experience in a corporate writing role. I spent the first few months looking over the shoulder of a senior coworker as he explained new concepts and let me watch his writing process.

Now, almost two years in, I still look daily to see when his door is open. How long will I continue?

As long as he'll let me.

There's no better way for me to develop or gain energy in my role than by spending time with him and other writing and marketing experts on our team. And, although a pro, my mentor gains new ideas and perspectives from collaborating with me, too.

I'm lucky I have access to like-minded, experienced professionals in my field. After all, I can only get so far with my own talents -- and the same for you.

In Soar With Your Strengths, Don Clifton said, "Strengths develop best in response to another human being."

So, how are you developing your strengths by interacting with other people -- besides your clients? How can you "stand over the shoulder" of an expert to ensure success for what you want to accomplish with strengths this year? Do you have an opportunity to meet an expert in your field -- someone who could be a game-changer for you?

I have an idea: Seize your opportunity to attend the CliftonStrengths Summit.

In July, around 1,000 coaches, business leaders and strengths enthusiasts will seize their opportunity and meet in Omaha for the summit. They will shake hands, celebrate their strengths, exchange ideas and instantly connect over their desire to help people and businesses grow. They will become more than acquaintances -- maybe even business partners, mentors or clients.

The people who attend the summit are people like you -- people who "get it." Strengths leaders in industries such as finance, healthcare, faith, education, human resources and more will be there. You can connect with people who are building a coaching business and people who are building a business through coaching.

Although you have other ways to build your strengths initiatives and achieve your goals this year, the summit offers you the ultimate professional development opportunity to:

  • connect face to face with industry leaders, like-minded professionals and potential business partners
  • learn from strengths experts and grow in your coaching knowledge and business practices
  • find the right motivation and tools to get it all started -- or ramp it up

Energize and motivate your world of strengths this summer. Register for the next summit in Omaha.

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