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Discover the platform that helps managers build high-performing teams.

With It's the Manager, your managers get their CliftonStrengths report, interactive learning modules and exclusive content that will help them achieve your organization's strategic goals.

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The full Gallup Access experience empowers your managers to have the right coaching conversations -- every day.

Many managers aren't equipped to have authentic, frequent, motivating conversations with their people.

Gallup Access makes it easy for managers to give employees meaningful feedback with workplace solutions that improve performance, best-practice management advice and each employee's unique strengths -- all at their fingertips.

The full Gallup Access experience gives you:

  • Gallup's proven employee surveys with detailed action steps
  • the CliftonStrengths assessment and related team learning tools
  • management advice and education based on decades of research and powerful outcomes

It's the Manager gives your managers the knowledge they need to coach their employees. Gallup Access is the platform that will help them succeed.

It's the Manager includes limited access to Gallup's platform, Gallup Access. This platform gives your managers tools they can use to better understand themselves and the teams they manage.

Your Access Includes


Help your managers understand what they do best so they can help their teams do more of what they do best.

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Meet each manager where they are in their development, and empower them to make confident management decisions every day. Equip your managers with individualized resources that go deeper into It's the Manager.

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Mobile Access

Get your It's the Manager content on the go.

The Gallup Access mobile app places all your It's the Manager learning content in the palm of your hand.

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