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Workplace Learning Solutions to Fuel Individual and Organizational Performance

Gallup learning is powered by research and built for results. Use our in-person and virtual learning solutions to boost performance, talent development and employee engagement. With Gallup's learning and development, you can bring out what's best in you, the people around you and your organization.

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Featured Course

The Gallup Manager Program

Make employees and teams more productive and profitable by developing the people best positioned to create organizational success: your managers.

Featured Event
Gallup at Work Summit

JUNE 3-5, 2024

The workplace and leadership conference where professional development and greater performance connect. Equip yourself, your teams and your organization with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed at work and beyond.

About Gallup Learning

What is Gallup learning?

Since 1935, people have trusted Gallup to find out how individuals worldwide conduct their lives. For decades, we've studied how the most successful people advance their personal and professional development to get the best results. We've taught hundreds of thousands of people and developed learning solutions for some of the most influential organizations in the world.

We do more than teach you about our research findings.

We teach you how to find human potential and switch it on.

What We Help You Do

We teach you how to:

  • find and activate talents
  • fuel a person's development and engagement
  • coach people into star performers, people leaders and business builders

We teach you how to give people what they need to:

  • solve complex problems
  • build superior products
  • form high-performance teams

Virtual Learning

Bring our virtual learning to your home or office. Transform your career and your life -- from anywhere.

In The Workplace

Your workplace issues, taken care of.

Develop them. The No. 1 reason people change jobs today is career growth opportunities. Development and growth aren't the only factors that retain talented employees, but they're crucial. Employees need to see a path forward in your organization through opportunities to acquire new skills, work with different people or experience greater autonomy.

These opportunities happen best through ongoing coaching conversations. Engaged employees report having meaningful feedback at least once per week.

Get everything you need to develop employees by attending Gallup courses such as our all-in-one strengths coaching course, Gallup Global Strengths Coach (formerly Accelerated Strengths Coaching).

Put engagement at its center. Although workplace demands have rapidly changed, human nature hasn't. Employee engagement will always be necessary for producing high-quality work. The organizations that learn to develop a culture of engagement and high performance have a competitive edge, positioning them for success regardless of the challenges they face.

All employees -- both those working remotely and in the office -- have fundamental psychological needs that their organization must meet to achieve high performance.

All Gallup courses teach you how to meet fundamental human needs and improve engagement. Explore courses such as the Gallup Global Strengths Coach (formerly Accelerated Strengths Coaching) and Creating an Engaging Workplace Course for Engagement Champions.

Behave like a coach, not a boss. The majority of U.S. employees show up at their job every day without the guidance, incentives and support needed to perform at their best. Only 35% of employees are engaged, a mere 21% strongly agrees that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work, and just 18% strongly agrees that employees who perform better grow faster at their organization. Organizations have poured significant amounts of time and money into their performance management systems -- investments that are misaligned with the way work needs to be managed.

To meet modern workplace demands, managers need to develop into coaches by learning to:

Establish expectations. Gone are the days when managers tell employees what to do and how to do it without getting much of a response. Instead, the best managers now rely on two-way conversations and collaboration to set expectations and goals.

Continually coach. The purpose of continual coaching is to create more natural relationships with employees that develop the employee and driving performance.

Create accountability. Hold employees accountable, but as a coach would. Progress reviews beat performance reviews. When paired with effective coaching, a progress review serves as a motivating snapshot of where employees are on their journey toward performance excellence.

Moving from performance management to performance development -- that is, from bossing to coaching -- means managers must develop a different stance, different habits and different tools.

Get what you need to start coaching your employees by attending Gallup learning such as the Leading High-Performance Teams course or the Gallup at Work Summit.

Based on our research, Gallup believes that leaders should invest in three key actions to strengthen their managers' -- and subsequently, their employees' -- engagement:

  1. 1Communicate clearly and consistently. Gallup has identified this engagement need as highly emotional, focusing on individuals' desire to find meaning in their roles. People want to know what their organization stands for and why and understand how their role supports the organization's purpose and goals.

  2. 2Make learning and development a priority. Gallup's research shows that employees who have the opportunity to continually develop are twice as likely as those on the other end of the scale to say they will spend their career with their company. Regardless of title or position, all employees want to continue learning and growing in their role.

  3. 3Emphasize managers' strengths. Organizations that hire managers based on their natural talents and then enable those people to turn their talents into strengths are better positioned for success. As part of this, leaders must equip their managers with the tools and resources necessary to identify and develop their individual strengths.

By sending your managers to Gallup courses, you're preparing them to strengthen your organization through talents and engagement. Consider having managers attend our Gallup Global Strengths Coach (formerly Accelerated Strengths Coaching) or Successful Strengths Coaching courses.

Learning Methods

Choose how you want to learn.

Pick one Gallup learning option, or combine it with another. We've created Gallup learning so that you can learn from almost anywhere.

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In-Person and Virtual Courses

Get unbeatable learning experiences in person or from a distance with world-class Gallup teachers.

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Gallup Events and Webinars

Join the conversation to stay at the top of your game in a city near you or on your device.

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Configured Learning

Get a learning solution custom-made to fit your unique challenges, business needs and culture.

The Gallup Investment

What happens when organizations invest in Gallup learning?

The numbers go up. We have measured the results of Gallup learning for nearly two decades. Examining almost 600 companies and 2.5 million employees, we discovered that no matter your industry, location or challenges, Gallup learning can help boost your employee engagement and smash your strategic goals.


Percentage-Point Increase In Employee Engagement
Gallup clients who invested in at least one Gallup course saw an average employee engagement increase of 14 percentage points.


Percentage-Point Increase In Employee Engagement
Clients who invested in Gallup courses in all three main content areas -- strengths, employee engagement and manager development -- saw an average employee engagement increase of 20 percentage points.


Estimated Return
Organizations that invested in Gallup courses realized an estimated return of $1,812 in productivity per employee in the first year.
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