You have been chosen to take part in the Gallup World Poll survey. Your interviewer provided this link to you to help you learn more about taking part in our worldwide study. The interviewer will contact you again soon to follow up and give you the opportunity to share your opinions with the world.

Gallup chose you randomly from your entire country's adult population. Any individual can be chosen through our selection process, but it is extremely important for YOU to participate. The Gallup World Poll collects a variety of information that we use to ensure that we understand and accurately represent your views and the views of different citizens throughout your country. Any responses you share with your interviewer are confidential.

What is the Gallup World Poll?

In 2005, Gallup launched a 100-year initiative to measure the will of every person on Earth. The Gallup World Poll is now the gold standard of worldwide polling. YOU will be part of our 12th year of collecting and reporting findings from this important study.

Throughout the world, the Gallup World Poll tracks people's opinions on the issues that matter most. We track and analyze more than 100 crucial world issues affecting the lives of people like you, such as media freedom, security, leadership approval, happiness and employment.

Many well-known organizations and influential academics use findings from the World Poll to enhance their research and shape their work. Your views could be used to help shape global policies and decisions.

Renowned projects that have used the Gallup World Poll include:

Project Name Description
Global Findex This World Bank project measures financial inclusion in more than 140 countries.
Voices of the Hungry This Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations project collects cross-culturally comparable information from adults worldwide to help gain global and country-level estimates of food insecurity severity.
Global Slavery Index The Walk Free Foundation works with Gallup to collect nationally representative survey data in high-risk countries to anchor their estimates on the prevalence of modern slavery.

Dr. George Gallup said, "If democracy is about the will of the people, shouldn't someone find out what that will is?"

We look forward to learning more about your thoughts and opinions during your interview. Your interviewer will contact you again soon.