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Performance & Development Metrics

Design fair and accurate metrics that align with your culture and the way work gets done.

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Accountability matters in driving performance.

Without a focus on accountability, organizations run the risk of turning frequent feedback and ongoing conversations into just talk.

Yet, accurately evaluating employee performance can be a challenge. You need metrics that are fair and accurate and differentiate top and bottom performers. You also have to ensure your metrics reflect your culture and ideal organizational behaviors.

Gallup helps you take a new approach to accountability that removes complexities and inspires greater performance. We focus on simplicity and alignment.

We ensure that employees are being measured and evaluated in ways that use collaborative goal setting processes and accurately reflect your culture, brand and customer experience. In this way, the goals set with employees feel achievable and have a direct impact on your business outcomes. And because employees can see how their goals connect to and influence the bigger picture, they feel more confident and motivated to reach them.

559 studies of performance expectations and competencies

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44% of employees strongly agree they know how their work connects to their organization's goals.

70+ years of experience studying performance ratings

Instill confidence in your performance management metrics.

Connect accountability with achievement.

Gallup's performance management solutions are rooted in best practices and our ongoing study of performance excellence. However, we design flexible solutions based on your needs and the direction you want to take your measurement and evaluation practices. We can work with your existing performance and development metrics or help you create new ones.

In either case, we start by examining your current evaluation methods and your most critical roles. The data gives us insight into how to best design metrics that will inspire excellence.

We also provide managers with education, tools and resources to ensure the success of your measurement framework. We help managers understand the reasons behind changes and equip them to navigate your new system through hands-on experience and easy-to-use guides.

Develop metrics that support your performance management vision.

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